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Court Martial in Iraq April 28, 2004 Last month, the U.S. Army announced 17 soldiers in Iraq, including a brigadier general, had been removed from duty after charges of mistreating Iraqi... Read More

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    ---A White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said the interviews were intended to deliver Mr Bush's message that the treatment of Iraqi inmates in the pictures obtained by CBS was "unacceptable"...

    ...The US army said yesterday more than 20 prisoners had died in custody at US military jails in Iraq and Afghanistan, and two of the inmates were deemed to have been murdered by Americans.

    The investigation of one murder has been completed.

    It is understood the soldier was convicted of using excessive force when he shot dead a prisoner who was throwing stones at him.

    The soldier was discharged from the service but not given a jail sentence.

    Another suspected murder, involving a CIA contractor, is continuing. One prisoner's death was ruled to have been a "justified homicide".

    Investigations into the deaths of 12 other detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2002 had concluded that the causes were either undetermined or natural, Maj Gen Ryder said. ...