Contraversial Video.

  1. "In 1859 Darwin spilled the first splashes
    Of his universal acid, and the effects were like magic
    Burning human arrogance into ashes
    In pretty much the same way that Copernican math did
    No, the stars don’t shine just to improve the view from earth
    No, we’re not the centre of the universe
    No, we were not created in the image of Jupiter
    No, we’re not so special, and yes, the truth hurts"

    This video and lyrics never get old.

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  3. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I'd say it's a pretty controversial video, since no one has responded to this posting of it!

    Though not a fan of the old-style rap, this is, in my opinion, well done, with clever rhymes and lyrics and art work, possibly only somewhat briefly offensive (makes me wonder what sirI might have edited?), but also literate and thought-provoking. I would guess it is the hard-liners of the Bible who don't care for this video. I am a Christian, but I believe there is a lot of common sense to many of the ideas here.

    It IS art, and art very often IS controversial, especially in it's own time.