Christmas Gift Trade-off

  1. What do you think about having a WTF Christmas Gift Exchange? I have a bottle of Cabotine de Gres that I will trade with someone...

    Maybe this could work along with Heather's WTF thread....

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  3. by   Aussienurse2
    :roll Great idea! Anyone want some Aussie t-towels??
  4. by   PennyLane
    Sorry folks, my presents are all mine...
    Sorry just cant trade something that came from the heart of another. WTH is that stuff anyway?
  6. by   BadBird
    LOL, my son may want to join in, he gets Old Spice Deodorant and aftershave every year from my husbands niece, hahahaha, he hates it, hahahahah, it is all we can do not to burst out laughing when he opens it, this year me and the kids just let it rip, laughed so hard. Bobby says that is a re-gift, he will pass along to someone, Hahahaha, still laughing about that.
  7. by   emily_mom
    Some sh*tty perfume (also posted in Heather's thread)


    OK, calling it sh*tty will probably not get any's just not my kind of perfume...

    Here's a link that describes it's smell.....

    I'm just a Victoria's Secret perfume lover...that's all!
    OMG I just read the discription and to be honest before I read it I was thinking I might want to trade you the Egyptians womans book of make up and the crappy lipstick and frost blue eye shadow but I just cant bring myself to do it . WTH did you do to the person who sent that to you? Please step back and evaluate before another holiday or birthday rolls around.
    Im so sorry you got that, it sounds horrible.
  9. by   Q.
    Anyone want a sparklie sweater?
  10. by   bagladyrn
    Got the fuschia pajamas up for grabs here! Any takers?
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by Susy K
    Anyone want a sparklie sweater?

    can you maybe re-size it for a cap and sweater for Fattie?? it'd be tres chic!
  12. by   semstr
    A Cd with christmas carols? (in Dutch, HEY STARGAZER.........)
  13. by   Q.
    Renee, I'd like the CD. How about a sparklie sweater or some bath oils?

    Yanno, I know Christmas isn't about presents but this just sucks. I have a sparklie sweater from last year that my mom got me with the tags still on. I tried to return the sparklie sweater from this year and I realized that it's from Boston Store, which I am refusing to trek all the way there - so to GoodWill it goes. *sigh*

    All I asked for was some black gloves for everyday, a bath pillow, and a spa gift certificate. Was that so hard?! Instead I got sparklie black gloves and a sparklie sweater. Maybe I am just a spoiled brat but I thought my list was fairly simple and straightforward.
  14. by   renerian
    Aussienurse what are t towels? Towels you use if you are having tea?


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