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I'm physically ill about this. I'm literally in tears. You all know about my home situation. Informed by landlord that house will be going up for auction. Contacted by auctioneer/real estate... Read More

  1. by   MK2002

    Mortgage rates have bottomed and home buying has settled quite a bit in the last month or so. The situation might be different in your area, depending on the circumstances. One of my co-workers recently received a notice that he had to move out within 30 days, because the house he was renting had been sold. He had to find a new place to live immediately.

    I know what you mean about having to open your home to strangers. Several years ago I lived in a duplex whose owner offered it to me. I did not want the property, as I was completing my bachelors degree at the time, and had no idea where I might have to move for my first job after graduation.

    Well, my landlord turned the property over to a realtor who showed the unit to prospective buyers while I was gone during the day. Several times I returned home and discovered the agent let the prospective buyer use the bathroom. Of course the place had to be cleaned afterward! That made me so angry. The disrespect some people have!!!
  2. by   kristi915
    Can i join?
  3. by   debyan
    Sorry this is happening in your life. some of these ideas ought to have people running to their cars and racing home forgeting about your house! Maybe if you would paint one of those body lines on the floor like some one had just been murdered, then some signs about not messing up the crime scene, well just a suggestion, you wouldn't really have to murder anyone that would serve those realtor peoples right! deb
  4. by   MK2002
    Here you go, Heather. Just what you need...

    Order it here:
  5. by   BadBird
    As I am a half full glass kind of girl, why not make a low offer, with any luck no one else will want the house and you will save a bundle.
  6. by   stevierae
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Oh, Heather. I feel for you. That really sucks. If I were there I'd come over with a shyt load of chocolate, booze, and a banjo so we could sing old Hee Haw songs.
    Hey, don't make fun of old Hee-Haw songs and banjo music, Vegas!!

    I will have you know that I just returned from Tennessee, where I went to the Museum of Appalachia, and have developed a fondness for that type of hillbilly music that is heavy on the banjo, mandolin, and fiddle!!! I am dead serious!!! It grows on ya!! It is actually very melodic; the Appalachian hymns are very touching; the coal-miner songs bring tears to your eyes.

    I got 3 tapes with me and, as a matter of fact, Vegas, I am here in Sin City as I write this, waiting for you to call or p.m. me so that we can set up a lunch or drink date....I think I will have to kidnap you and immerse you in the songs of Appalachia until you develop your own appreciation. Heather, why don't you join us, and get away from that house situation for a few days.

    Heather, seriously, this sounds trite, but I think all things work out according to God's plan. I think if that house is meant to be yours, it will happen; if not, something even better will come along. You said you have already been pre-approved for a loan--that's have the battle won!!! Why don't you look around in your real estate section and see what else is out there that you might like even better? Gosh, since the interest rate dropped again, you might even be able to afford a new house; your dream house; not one with pre-existing surprises (like bees.)
  7. by   Q.
    I'm droppin' in on Heather's party to state my old NM called. The CNS position was filled before my resume had a chance to get looked at.
    Please pass the Kleenex. Oh, and a xanax if possible.