Brief biographies of those killed at their churches Bible study last evening - page 5

This hurts me. My cousin, just ten months younger than me, attend Bible study at our former church in Oklahoma every Wednesday. It is again time to remember to tell our loved ones how much we love... Read More

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    Then start another thread. This thread is about the lives of the 9 innocent people killed not some thread to link up a bunch of left wing propaganda to try and score political points.
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    Yep those darn Christians are at it again with their persecution of gays.

    ISIS Celebrates Gay Love by Tossing 4 Gays from Roof of Building - The Gateway Pundit
    This thread is about the people killed at their churches Bible study.

    Would you kindly do as the poster you quoted and apologize for posting in the wrong thread?
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    Charleston remembers three more lives
    Hundreds of people gather for memorial

    On this hot, humid Saturday, in Charleston, South Carolina, hundreds of people gathered once more at Emanuel AME Church to pay their respects and say their final farewells to three of the nine people killed in last week's shooting during a Bible study class.
    Family, friends, strangers black and white, all came together for "home going" services for Cythia Hurd, Susie Jackson and Tywanza Sanders...

    Charleston remembers three more lives | National and World - Central and Southwest VA

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    The organist who joined in as President Obama began singing is Charles Miller Jr.
    He must have perfect pitch to be able to play in the correct key. His is clearly a trained and practiced musician to transpose all notes to that key. As he said to a reporter:
    “Sometimes... you’ve got to just let the Lord lead you, and he won’t steer you wrong,” he said. “The gifts that we’ve been given, they are needed at certain times, and so my grandfather always used to tell me, ‘You got to be ready at all times because somebody is going to need what God has already given you.’ ”
    It may have been stunning to see the president break into song at that funeral Friday, to see the entire gathering join in with him as the band kicked in.

    But, as Miller put it, music is “the universal language,” that “speaks across racial barriers, across denominations, across language barriers.”

    It’s a language that Charleston has become fluent in over the past week, as congregations and pure strangers have taken any opportunity to join hands, clap and sing through their tears.
    “Nothing can undo what took place. But what has come out of it has been eye-opening and so uplifting,” Miller said. “When everyone unites in one place with one voice, great things happen.”

    Organist said it was his calling to chime in during Obama’s eulogy for Rev. Pinckney - Post and Courier
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    I miss him so much.