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I received this awesome spa package birthday gift from my sweetheart to Mario Tricoci Day Spa in downtown Chicago. I got to pick and choose $500 worth of services for my day of indulgence. One of... Read More

  1. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Depends .... are ya typing while you're sitting on an air ring? Do ya feel more of a draft than usual?
  2. by   gwenith
    I give up - I was trying to post a picture of the south end of a north bound Baboon - you know the type - tail in the air and no hair on the errrrr........ anyway couldn't find a pic darn it!!!!

    Not that I am suggesting that Jaded looks like a Baboon I just thought well - it would have been funny,
  3. by   nursechris1
    Tell us, I have been waiting!! I need to know if I should my an appt or not.
  4. by   funnygirl_rn
    Well...we are waiting.....did you or didn't you?
  5. by   jadednurse
    Sorry for taking so long to post. I've been spending the last 24 hours parked on the couch straddling a bag of frozen peas. YES, I HAD THE BRAZILIAN WAX DONE! And can I say OUCH!!!!!

    Also, only my significant other and my gynecologist have seen me in that position before. All the hair (off the labia and perianal area) gets waxed, except for a tiny triangle in front. Let's just say you gotta feel REAL comfortable w/ the aesthetician when having this service done. And we thought our jobs as nurses were bad. Who do you have to piss off in your prior life to get stuck w/ ripping someone's pubic hair out for a living?!? JK! She was very professional and very quick about it. But yes, it is pain you would only wish on your worst enemy. I think nurses should give their managers evaluations and when the evals are bad, the NM should be subjected to a Brazilian bikini wax monthly until their management style improves!

    I told my sweetie to enjoy it while he can, because this was definitely a one shot deal. The results are very nice and neat, but I felt like I had sunburn "down there" for a good 24 hours. Besides the pain, I can't see paying someone $60 once a month to torture me!

    I had the Brazilian done first and after the initial pain I was OK until later that night. Then, as I said, I broke out the bag of frozen peas! After the Brazilian the eyebrow wax was a piece of cake though! Next I had an awesome facial: pumpkin extract scrub, steam , accupressure, seaweed/cucumber mask etc. Then a divine olive oil spa pedicure and manicure, followed by a terrific haircut and style. Finally topped it off w/ a phenomenal hour and half deep tissue massage. Had dinner at an awesome French sidewalk cafe (and it was gorgeous weather out). The day was just AWESOME!

    As for the Brazilian bikini wax I know it was definitely devised by a man FOR many men do you know that would subject THEMSELVES to this for a woman?

    Any guys out there willing to bare it all for their women? HA HA!
  6. by   karenG
    ok thats it- no way am I ever having that done! sounds way too painful!

  7. by   funnygirl_rn
    Eeeeks...sounds way too painful for me...think I'll stick with shaving! Hope you're feeling better soon.
  8. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Girl, I'm thinking of ya, but I will never ever be able to look at a bag of frozen peas without thinking of you! You poor thing! The rest of your day sounds awesome especially the massage..
  9. by   gwenith

    Not this little black duck. Mind you I gave up on having my eyebrows waxed but only because the roots of the eyebrows were so long that every time I had them done my toenails got shorter.
  10. by   Tilleycs
    As for the Brazilian bikini wax I know it was definitely devised by a man FOR women...
    Eh, don't know about that. Women are the ones choosing to have it done, right? If no one is making you get something done, you know who is to blame!
    how many men do you know that would subject THEMSELVES to this for a woman? Any guys out there willing to bare it all for their women? HA HA!
    There may be, but I can tell you that *I* am not one of them! Trimming is one thing, but having it all ripped out and paying somene to do it? Uh, no.
  11. by   geekgolightly

    *crosses off waxing from her list*

    never will i do that. i have a hard enough of a time just plucking my eyebrows. if i want serious pain, i can go into labor or something. eek. all for a bald hoohaa.
  12. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Achie-wowwa!!!!! You are a very brave woman......tell him to photograph the end results so he can enjoy the bikini wax long after it's grown back
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  13. by   Tilleycs
    LOL! I guess it's o.k. for the women on here to encourage you to take pictures.