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Not to get into an attitude of us against those who are leaving. Because I totally respect anyone's decisions and I will bitterly miss those who choose to leave. But, for whatever reason I... Read More

  1. by   Brian
    I don't plan on going anywhere I'm sad that anyone is leaving, but I also resppect anyones decison, whatever it would be.
  2. by   Mimi2RN
    Brian, I'm sad that anyone is thinking of leaving. This is a big family, and people all don't get along in the best of families.

    For those that decide to leave, you will be missed. Just remember you can come home again!

  3. by   betts
    Bless You

    Bless you wherever you are,
    Windswept child on a shooting star,
    Restless Spirits depart,
    Still we're deep in each other's hearts.

    Some people say it's over,
    Now that we spread our wings,
    But we know better darling,
    The hollow ring is only last year's echo.

    Bless you whoever you are,
    Holding her now,
    Be warm and kind hearted,
    And remember though love is strange,
    Now and forever our love will remain.

    Written by: John Lennon
  4. by   betts
    What lies Behind Us, and
    what lies Before Us are small
    matters, compared to what
    lies Within Us.

    Allnurses isn't just our Home away from Home, it's our patient, constantly calling us, wanting our undivided attention; seeking answers and like it or not, I/we took an Oath as nurses to not turn away from any patient, regardless of origin(ok,so I shortened it a bit), let's all as professionals work up a care plan and work with management and speed the recovery of our patient; together.

    Sooooo; what's it going to be, AGE? IQ? BOTH?
  5. by   aimeee
    Ditto what Brian said.
  6. by   renerian
    I am still here.

  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    Not going anywhere (I've been to other boards; no comparison.)
  8. by   canoehead
    I'm sorry that anyone is leaving, but really frustrated with all the hullaballoo that is being stirred up. Just go already. I would really like you to stay, but if you don't like it here, just go. Those that hang around and moan are taking away the enjoyment of this BB from the rest of us. Take time away, and if you want us, we'll still be here. I think the spirit of this BB is greater than any one (or thirty) member(s).
  9. by   jnette
    Staying. Won't be on as much with summer and the great outdoors calling, but I'll be here.
  10. by   sbic56
    I like these boards for too many reasons, so I won't be going anywhere. Though I participated in a few of the unsavory and sometimes hurtful threads, I agree the rules needed to be reinforced for the betterment of these boards for everyone.

    I hope and believe that some of the members who are choosing to not participate in boards of late, decide to come back when the anger subsides, as their contributions to the board were valuable.

    This reminds me of when there are administration changes at work that are meant to be positive, but some of the employees decide just the opposite and leave. I know I am not indespensible to the success of these boards anymore than I am as a nurse on my unit and new members will always be coming along in place of those that choose to leave. We have experienced a bit of ashake up lately, but the change was a needed one. I look forward to a very long relationship with allnurses.
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  11. by   nursedawn67
    I'm still around...I do respect the feelings of those that are leaving and I respect your decision to do so. But I have no reason to leave myself and so there fore I'm hanging on!
  12. by   itsme
    Hi! I have been gone for a few days out of town. Why are people leaving? I must have missed something! I am staying. What happened?
  13. by   Mkue
    I don't know what exactly happend. I have been here for a few years and have learned a lot and met many nice people. I try to be friends with everyone, even if we don't share the same views. I will continue to do that.

    In the future...if I offend anyone please let me know.

    Thanks, Marie
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