1. This is a variation of the older thread "Did you know...", or "Do you know...". I thought that thread was a lot of fun, and feel there are still so many odd or funny things going on in the world today, that it is a title rife with promise.

    For instance:
    Yesterday I read on line that there is going to be a 2018 concert tour in the UK..."ROY ORBISON, LIVE onstage" . . .via his holographic image ("LIVE"??? The man died in, what, 1988?) and he will be 'accompanied' by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Haven't got a clue what the admission price will be, but if you want to buy a ticket you can go on line to Roy Orbison's Official Site. . .

    I also read, on a different site that Roy Orbison was born a BLOND, and that he disliked his hair so much that when he was a teenager, he started dying his hair black. He was way before his time on that one; no goths back then!

    So what have you got? It can be as inane or ridiculous or astonishing or banal as you wish. Just join in and let's have some fun!
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  3. by   Phil-on-a-bike
    You have no physiological means of detecting or feeling atmospheric pressure.

    When you dive - or when you fly in an airliner - you can't feel any change in pressure on your body.

    What you do feel is pressure on the air spaces within your body - your sinuses, for example.
    Once you equalize the pressure in these air spaces - you no longer feel any different from how you felt at sea level.

    And this applies no matter what atmospheric pressure you go to.

    I've dived to 5 atmospheres - 40 metres.
    Once you've cleared your ears, there's no physical sensation of pressure whatsoever.

    If this is the first time you've heard this, you'll immediately think; "Wait, no, that's not right, you'd... you'd, erm..." and start tying yourself in knots trying to figure out how exactly your body detects atmospheric pressure.

  4. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    It really is the first time I've heard it, but I'm not tying myself in knots, because I believe you!
    And it makes sense in a way I do not really quite completely grasp, but yeah!
    Kind of like the fish saying, "What water?" . . . only different. Right?

    Thank you for playing, Phil-on-a-bike!
    Johnny, tell him what he's won for being the first poster to respond!

    ... Johnny?

  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    New story from this morning's local paper...
    There was a four car accident at 4:30 AM. A large black cow was standing in the middle of the road, in the rain and fog. The first car hit it and bumped it toward the east lane, the second car hit it and bumped it into the west lane. The third car was a jeep, which ran over the cow and subsequently flipped over, landing upside-down on it's roof. The fourth car didn't see the accident(s) and hit the first car without touching the breaks.
    The only one hurt was the 750 lb cow, which died at the scene.
  6. by   amoLucia
    News yesterday was that 'Piano Man' Billy Joel and wife just had a baby, their second daughter. He's 68 and has a 31 yo dtr with ex Christie Brinkley.

    He'll be about 93 yo when his new dtr is about to be married. I'm sure that FINANCIALLY they're set for life but the paternal age thing is something.

    I wish them well.
  7. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I got a letter in the mail saying that since I've earned my VA benefits I should use them. . . blah, blah, blah.
    Neither my husband nor I have ever been in the Service.
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Since this seems to be so thoroughly MY thread, I'm not sure anyone will read this, but here's some info for ya, IF you ever go to Taco Bell. It's real and it's true and it's


    Taco Bell is giving away a free Doritos Locos Taco to any customer who asks on Wednesday November 1st, from 2 pm to 6 pm (Nationwide in the continental US, that is)
    They are doing this because they said if someone stole a base during a World Series game this year, they would give customers a free D-L-Taco for the asking.

    So, there ya are!
  9. by   toomuchbaloney
    There's a good sized coyote that lives in my neighborhood. People see it with regularity near the pipeline. I saw one yesterday. I wonder if it's the same one.
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  10. by   Phil-on-a-bike
    Among the ornate stonework of the buildings surrounding Newcastle's Cathedral is this:


    The 'Vampire Rabbit'.

    Nobody knows why it was placed there - whether it was purposely comissioned, or just a bit of stonemason's whimsy.
    There are various theories involving grave-robbing, freemasonry or merely a pun on somebody's name.
    Either way, he's a celebrated local character.
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Phil-on-a-bike, being as how you are a physicist of sorts, you will have no problem figuring out this bumper sticker I saw today:

    WARNING! Every sixty seconds
    a minute goes by. Just thought
    you should know this.

    And from my "Adventures With Tri-focals" Archives:
    Reading the sign at McDonalds, about the availability of Chicken Tenders, I read it as "Chicken Terrors" Now THERE'S a horror movie waiting to be filmed!
  12. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    If you enjoy reading slam reviews of movies as much as I do, look up Roger Ebert's review of the movie "NORTH".
    That's all I'm gonna say, except it really made me laugh.
  13. by   toomuchbaloney
    Believe it or not, there's a wolf pack (family) moving around in my friend's neighborhood. There are multiple mushers in the area and the dogs are spooked.
  14. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Believe it or not, there's a wolf pack (family) moving around in my friend's neighborhood. There are multiple mushers in the area and the dogs are spooked.
    That's kind of scary. Moose in the driveway, Wolves in a neighborhood; what about Bears?

    Believe it or not there are a lot of bears around here; we've had a few roaming around downtown (city!), and I saw a BIG one on the Parkway near where people were parked to go hiking, biking, etc. The people didn't even know the bear was so close by! I saw it when I drove by and turned around to go let those people know, but by then a bicyclist had seen it and was spreading the word.
    The bears are around because of the huge number of construction projects wiping out acres and acres of woodlands.