August 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

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  2. Each month, we invite readers to suggest a funny caption for our cartoon; readers can vote for their favorite; the winner will get $100.

    Can you help us out?

    To participate please follow the Caption Contest Rules below.

    Caption Contest Rules

    To qualify for the $100 prize, your caption must be posted here. We will select the Top 8 captions where you (the community) will choose a winner.

    Everyone is allowed to participate! Share and tell your friends, family, and co-workers to join the fun!

    Update (Aug 31)

    Top 8 Captions Poll is now available!

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    Congratulations cmaya! (Sep 21)

    You won $100! Your entry was selected by the community as the best caption for our August 2017 Caption Contest.

    Cartoon can be viewed at HOLE IN MY GLOVE!!!.
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  3. Poll: Select your favorite caption(s) for the August 2017 Caption Contest.

    • I see dead people.

      7.14% 1
    • JCAOH is coming!

      14.29% 2
    • Sorry!!! Let Me Knock First.

      7.14% 1
    • What??!!! My relief is here??!!!

      21.43% 3
    • Well...I think the GoLYTELY worked.

      21.43% 3
    • When today's lice infested patient is last nights hairdresser!

      14.29% 2
    • That face you make when you just inserted a suppository then realize your glove had a hole in the finger.

      50.00% 7
    • The world will never forget that day the antibiotics turned on us and Super Bug finally revealed himself.

      14.29% 2
    14 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  5. by   3ringnursing
    "I didn't know anyone was in the room! Oh geez ..."
  6. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    OMG! Get this room set up for isolation QUICKLY! He's got the worst case of Koockamonga of the Bingus I've ever seen!
  7. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    He filled his bed with jello!
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Eeeek! Why didn't anybody tell me Mr. Satyr is half-goat?!!
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    My Gawd, I've never seen anything so BIG in my entire life!
  10. by   ARECKnurse2b
    "they said effects lasted only 2 hours"
  11. by   evastone
    Nurse! This is an EMERGENCY! He needs a bedpan!
  12. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    "There's an ALIEN coming out of his belly-button!"
  13. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Somebody call the surgeons! They 're-assigned' in the wrong direction!
  14. by   Cindyel
    What are thooooooose????????
  15. by   m1lkofamnesia
    "Code wood!!! Code woooood!!!"
  16. by   KayleyMM
    When the patient next door's GoLytely kicks in.