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I'm going to a family reunion in 10 days and I could stand to drop about 10 pounds. I'm thinking of: Doing Atkins for 10 days. Drinking tons of water. some type of arobics daily (enough to break... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    I absolutely HATE< HATE<HATE grapefruit!! What types of juice can I substitute? Does it have to be citrus juice? (orange juice gives me an upset stomach).
    I think it's a myth as Jay Jay pointed out that grapefruit juice facilitates burning of calories. It may have diuretic properites like lemon juice, but I'm not sure.

    But juice has too many carbs so I don't think in the high protein diets it's allowed.
  2. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by SueIP

    You also lose inches on this diet - I have lost 32 inches all over and my measurements are the same now as what they were when I was 14lb lighter!!!!! So even though the scales are telling me I still need to lose 14 lb, my clothes are telling me a different story!

    Hope that helps!!!

    Congrats Sue! Awesome!

    I've heard that they've found that Adkins may shrink fat cells, perhaps that's why you've lost inches and the scales say you need to loose 14 lbs????

    I've been fascinated with Adkins, but I'm fascinated with nutrition and food.
  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Russell . . . . .while Atkins does say that caffeine MAY drop your blood sugar level and make you crave sweets, I've found just the opposite. I didn't give up coffee. I adhered to the diet fine. No craving of sweets. Lost 10 pounds initially in the induction phase. I also drink diet soda with caffeine at times.

    As to milk, Atkins discourages that initially because of all the carbs BUT you can use heavy cream. Amazing, huh?

    I think the key to remember here is limiting the carbs . . .and coffee has no carbs unless you add them. So, if you like your coffee sweet and creamy . . add Splenda and heavy whipping cream.

  4. by   shygirl

    I don't think it's true. Oh sure, you can find a contradictory thgeory for every theory out there. The proof is in the pudding!

    There are 20 of us at work who all went on it at the same time and all of us lost the weight. Try it first before you knock it!

    Seeing is believing!


    Melissa, I'm not sure? Two of the 20 people are diabetic and they monitored their b.s. and didn't have a problem. Check with your, (or who ever's), MD.
  5. by   Jay-Jay
    Okay, interesting to get everyone's input here. I am highly suspicious of diets that eliminate a particular food group. Usually they are 'fad' diets, and not nutritionally sound.
  6. by   Paprikat
    I've been on Atkins faithfully for two weeks.. I could not give up coffee, but other than that followed it. For the first two - three days, I felt like crap...but after that I felt great. I have lost 10 pounds. With the weight watchers before, I lost 12. So altogether, I have lost 22lbs and feel much better about me!!! The Weight Watchers is good, but results are slow.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    I had this terrible headache all day yesterday.
    I'm going to have coffee today 'cause I'm sure I was withdrawing.
    I feel pretty good about the eating meat thing.
    I'm just not sure what to eat for lunch.
    Are beef sticks ok?
    Robin said she didnt' think so because of the processing.
  8. by   suehp
    Be careful of processed stuff - check the carbs!

    How about an omlette for lunch, you can put anything in an omlette, sausage bacon, ham, tomato, onion - the list is endless, and not forgetting cheese!!!(& shellfish!)

  9. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    Okay, interesting to get everyone's input here. I am highly suspicious of diets that eliminate a particular food group. Usually they are 'fad' diets, and not nutritionally sound.
    Initially the Adkins diet was attacked on all fronts.

    But some interesting things are happening. They've taken the same number of calories. Fed people fat and protein, and fed people a high carb/low fat diet. You would think people would loose the weight at the same rate of loss. But no, the high protein/high fat people lost more weight.

    It's very confusing and defies all current nutritional knowledge. But knew knowledge is coming in and I've noticed a trend that more and more MDs are recommending Adkins for their chronically obese patients, thinking it's best they get the weight off anyway they can.

    So you and I and many MDs may have to consider what is "nutritionally sound". Right now I'm torn. I still cringe when I see someone on a "diet" munching on pork rinds thinking they are eating healthy. Makes me feel like I'm in the Woody Allan movie, the Sleeper, where he wakes up and finds that steak and ice cream are health foods.

    I'm very lucky. I thrive on whole grain foods, fruits and veggies. But am trying to eat lower on the glycemic index.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    I just got home from work. Long day making home visits on the motorcycle in 90+ degree heat and...
    ...I WANT A BEER! A nice cold one just out of the ice.
    I'll be good though. Only 8 more days.
  11. by   wannanbnurse
    for anyone interested go to LOWCARBFRIENDS.COM.......Theres thousands of members there who've lost tons of weight on Atkins diet. I myself am trying it also!!!!
  12. by   Jay-Jay
    (SIgh!) Okay, I'm desperate enough to give it a try. My weight is trying to creep past the 200 # mark, and I've tried the low fat/low calorie thing, and it just doesnt' work for me. Or, if it does, the loss is so slow, I get discouraged, and slip up.

    I went to Cole's on my lunch break today, and bought the Atkin's diet book. Now I have joined e-diets on the Atkin's plan, printed up my menus and shopping list, and I'm ready to start it tomorrow. What tipped the balance was some things I read in the book. The book reminds readers that the French eat lots of fatty foods, and have one of the lowest rates of coronary disease anywhere. Our ancestors ate a high fat diet, but without the refined carbs we eat, and did not suffer from heart disease at the rate we do. I have many relatives who have lived their whole lives on the farm, eating butter, cheese, pork, and beef, and drinking lots of fresh milk and cream. Guess what? Only one of them has died of heart disease, and nearly all have lived into their 80's! Of course, they did hard physical work for a living, too.

    Secondly, the book points out the epidemic of Type II diabetes that has come along with the increased use of white sugar and flour. Suddenly, something clicked. The North American Indians have one of the highest rates of diabetes anywhere, and it's got to be because they have strayed away from their traditional diet. What is that diet? Lots of game and fish, supplemented by vegetable food (in Ontario, mostly beans, squash and corn.) The closest they got to refined carbs. was corn meal ground by hand.

    The second thing that tipped the scales (ha!ha!) in favour of this diet was the rapid weight loss most people experience. I was on the regular e-diets last summer, and found the to two pounds a week weight loss, and sometimes NO pounds per week pretty discouraging. Then, I went away on vacation for 2 weeks and wasn't able to weigh myself. I was very good...exercised every day, ate pretty much according to the diet....and came home to a 4 lb. weight gain! The hubby on the other hand, wasn't nearly as strict with himself as I was, and LOST 4 lbs! That did it...I threw in the towel.

    Will keep you posted on how I do!

    And, Rusty, caffeine withdrawal WILL give you the WORST headaches! Just ask the hubby...

    Since I'm prone to migranes, the morning coffee ain't negotiable! I'll try my best to do everything else they tell me to, BUT DON'T YOU DARE TAKE AWAY MY JAVA FIX!! :roll
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  13. by   Jay-Jay
    Rusty, you and I are going to face a problem with the lunch and snack portion of the Atkin's plan. I'm going to try to prepare myself a lunch, much as I hate doing this... At least the e-diets website spells out exactly what it's okay to eat, and provides recipies, to take away the guesswork.

    Mind you, I do love Jack Link's beef jerky snacks!

    I won't be eating Atkin's bread, however. It's $9.99 U.S. to get it delivered, and they do not deliver outside the country. I mean, nine bucks for a loaf of bread??? Crimeny!! They wouldn't get my hard-earned lucre, even if I did live in the States!