Are Mouthy Media Endangering Involved Troops?

  1. I don't blame 'just' the news media contrary to how this sounds, but I also blame those who are entrusted with high security information and disregard the Oaths they took upon entrance to their position/office/whatever.....

    (A week later, I want to edit this post).....

    Given what has been happening to the government workers and the media workers, (they are 'now' trying to respect the wishes of our President on reporting things), I am very concerned and sympathetic to all of them, it's awful that they are having to report on their own co-workers illnesses due to the latest tactics of terrorists (whoever the ones that are sending out anthrax, they are terrorists right?).

    Ok, the media aren't being 'mouthy' anymore -so I removed that from my subject line because it's just not appropriate anymore. But they are facing some serious threats with this anthrax stuff, so those who pray please remember them today (and remember our government workers & families under this new threat too) and those who don't pray, send a good thought their way......
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  2. Poll: Are mouthy media endangering our involved troops?

    • Yes and they should be stopped immediately by any means necessary

      68.18% 15
    • Yes, but the 'right' comes before 'sensitivity'

      22.73% 5
    • No, they should be able to report Everything, no matter how compromising

      0% 0
    • I am not sure, or am not following the news on this issue

      9.09% 2
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  4. by   nurs4kids
    Of course, I don't think any pertinent info should be given, but I have to always wonder..Is the info actually accurate or is it given in order to throw off the enemy??

    just a thought
  5. by   Yocanohawken
    You know what I think I'll consider doing the next time a media hound harrasses me?......and maybe I can spread the word to others, I think I will give them exactly what they want.....a meaty story......full of intrigue and exciting developments

    .......all very deliberately ficticious of course! (but 'they' don't have to know that)

    Good ideas come from even the vaguest meeting of minds.......

    Of course, in thinking about doing that, I am wondering where I got such a twisted sense of humor.....and I'm not so sure having it is such a good thing

  6. by   Georji
    I think the media needs to quit letting the enemy know what's going on with our troops & our movements. They have no right to put our young people in so much danger just because they want to have a good story. I have 2 grandsons in the Army & I would hate for one of them to be killed or wounded because some reporter thought his right to report was more important than a soldier's life.
  7. by   essarge
    I think that the media should report military movements etc AFTER they happen. That way, we would not give away any military secrets. I do feel however, that things that are happening here in the homeland need to be reported asap. I'm soooo tired of hearing the FBI say that things are "just a coincidence" and treating the american public like we are idiots. I'm many cases of anthrax or anthrax contaminated envelopes????? And there haven't been any in 25 years??? How stupid do they think we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Yocanohawken
    I agree and feel as you do (for the same reasons) Georgi.....I have to say that 'some' of the reporters are now trying a 'little' more to avoid reporting on 'sensitive information' until the right time....and the ones that are still grinding their teeth in expectation seem to have little choice but do that.

    Essarge.....that I agree with, I Definitely want to be kept aware just as much as anyone else, probably more so given my position, but I'm not willing to hear that soliders died or were wounded shortly after (whatever news agency) reported on positions or locations. I would be much more content to hear about it After it has happened (like some of the news seems to be trying to do 'now').

    I understand too what everyone is 'trying' to do by being so vague and/or 'non-panicked' about the Anthrax situation (trying to keep Americans from panicking).....but that doesn't make it right to keep us in the dark on safety issues here. I was watching one of the national news companies last night and was happy to see them at least 'talk' about some things we can do to keep ourselves safe, but they do seem to be underestimating the seriousness of the situation most of the time imho.

    You are so right in that the news needs to report things Here asap....if they would concentrate more on what's happening here, versus there, it would serve dual purpose......keep our people overseas safer, and keep us safer by being made aware of these dangers immediately.
  9. by   dtdunn
    Hi Ya'll,
    My first time posting, although I have been "watching" this sight for more than a year. Just can't help it on this one tho'.
    My husband is active duty Army, and we are stationed in Germany, and although he knows more than he tells me......I get my updates on what is happening through CNN. (Usually this is how WE find out what is happening....
    It seems to be that everytime that the news media aires more on this topic, they are putting my husband and all his soldiers at an even higher risk than they are now!

    Just my two cents........

  10. by   Yocanohawken
    Just want to say WELCOME to Darnell first off......I really understand how you feel!

    About the Poll......

    I messed up, I'm not perfect of course , instead of

    "Yes, but the 'right' comes before 'sensitivity'",

    I should have put

    "Yes, but the 'right' comes before 'top secret status' "

    -------like, if a reporter gets news on 'top secret' information -which is of course top secret to help protect the people and the mission- then does that reporter really have rights to divulge 'viewing by unauthorized persons prohibited' top secret information pertaining to our military (before the 'news' happens)?

    I don't mean 'after' it's already happened, I do mean before it happens, which puts out things we really don't want others (enemies) to know about yet........

    some of the news is a relief, hearing after things have happened (such as today for me....I was relieved to hear part of the news) that everyone is ok helps deal with the day to day concern.

    Sorry about the mix up, if Brian (or any moderator that can) wouldn't mind changing the wording.....if it's possible without losing the votes, I'd appreciate it very much
  11. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I agree with nurs4kids. I feel that with the experience we have in our government, that leadership is intelligent enough to know how to present a good propaganda machine when it wants to. It's true with human nature that there is always a tendency to want to get something off the chest, but the chances of a blabber mouth being revealed in this day and time are great.

    If I were in the beltway, I just wouldn't want to chance it that I may end up with my mug on TV, in a magazine, book, or online someday.