Are certain "personality types" drawn to nursing?

  1. A "just for fun" activity -- personality test.

    Myers Briggs, Enneagram, DISC etc. etc. are often used by organizations to find out which personality types make up their employee base.

    Using MBTI, I'm wondering if a "certain type" is more prevalent in nursing than others.

    This is as close to the official paid test that is found for free online (according to an MBTI practitioner that I know).

    So, if you have around 5-10 minutes, could you take the test and post your results?

    For example,

    I'm INFJ - A

    I'm going to create a poll, but I'm not sure if it will allow me to have 16 choices since this is my first poll creation.

    I think it's a fun activity to get to know the different types of people that are drawn to the nursing profession.

    Here is the test:

    Free Personality Test

    | 16Personalities

    Thank you!
  2. Poll: What is your personality type?

    • ENFJ

      0% 0
    • ENTJ

      20.00% 1
    • ENTP

      0% 0
    • ESFJ

      0% 0
    • ESFP

      20.00% 1
    • ESTJ

      0% 0
    • ESTP

      0% 0
    • ISFJ

      0% 0
    • ISFP

      0% 0
    • ISTJ

      0% 0
    • ISTP

      0% 0
    • INFP

      20.00% 1
    • INFJ

      20.00% 1
    • INFP

      0% 0
    • INTJ

      0% 0
    • INTP

      20.00% 1
    5 Votes
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  4. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Didn't find my 'type' in the list! Is there possibly a typo in the list? I rec'd a great, lengthy explanation/text, so I know it exists and I did not make the type up!

    (HI-JK, L'MNO, PQRS,. . . any of those ring a bell?)
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Oh, tried to add mine to the list, but I guess it's done from behind the scenes, here:

    I am ENFP-A

    Only diff from the first time I took it, 40+ years ago is that I am a bit more extroverted than I used to be, so it is 51%/49% instead of 49%/51%.