Anyone watching the NBA playoffs?

  1. Is anyone following the NBA playoffs? I'm in the midst of watching the 2nd half of the Lakers/Kings game. I really hope the Lakers lose (sorry to all the Los Angeles natives out there!). Problem is, I'm not sure who to root for if the final ends up being the Kings and the Nets. Since I'm an East Coast person, my inclination would be the Nets, but part of me would really like to see the Kings win. If the Lakers win tonite ( ), I'll DEFINITELY be rooting for the Nets!

    So who are the basketball fans out there????

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  3. by   subec
    I watched the game last night too. I was very sad that L.A. won. Oh well. I'll definitely be rooting for the Nets.
    Not a big basketball fan, but what I am is very ANTI-SHAQ! I was very disappointed to see LA win last night. Is it the Nets they'll be playing in the finals? I hope they win.

  5. by   noty
    Well I am new to this web page and just checking things out. So far I have enjoyed everything I have read, but I must admit I was surprised to find this little spot of info and to be the rebel here. I dont alway watch all the games but during the playoffs I watch because I usually have a team I pull for. It is usually San Antonio, but because they are out I have turned to the Lakers. I for one am sooo glad to see the Kings gone not only do I not like the team but their coach. Hope you don't hold it against me, but I say go Lakers.
  6. by   subec
    Don't worry noty---no hard feelings.

    Like Heather, I also am anti Shaq. That is the only reason I want the Nets to win. I was rooting for the Mavericks, but.....