Any Respiratory Therapy students?

  1. I am starting my Respiratory therapy program this week and am very excited! I was previously in nursing school for one year and absolutely hated every minute of it.. I knew right from the first day of clinical that it wasn't my thing... plus I was so fed up with the ridiculous off the wall psycho social test questions that don't mean ANYTHING once you're done school and in the real world working. It was during my nursing clinicals when I first watched an RT and became interested. I then shadowed one in a hospital and decided to embark on this new path!

    I see many RN's on here that have a tremendous amount of respect for the RT's they work with and that is good to see! But I still think RT's are very unappreciated and not represented well currently... everyone knows what a nurse is, however it seems like very few people outside of healthcare know what a respiratory therapist is!

    Looking for any kind of discussion and/or advice on the path to becoming a RT and the schooling that it entails... hoping to have a much better experience with this than I did in nursing
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  3. by   elkpark
    I don't mean this in a bad way, but how much discussion and advice about respiratory therapy are you expecting to get on a nursing site? Is there not an RT discussion board online somewhere?
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    There is not a site like this for RT's that I know of, unfortunately. I have also seen quite a few RT's post on this site. I would love for there to be a section for us on here because as I mentioned before RT's are not represented well and we RTs/RT students have far fewer resources than nursing does.
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    Another issue in this field is a huge lack of respect at times... I seriously had somebody ask me if Respiratory Therapy was a certificate program rather than a degree!! Also RT's do not receive half the recognition and praise that nurses do, it seems like. Everybody on the healthcare team is important, but I really just see the doctors and nurses getting all the credit 90% of the time from the population. I hope this changes in the future.
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    Well, maybe some enterprising and ambitious RT student should start an "allRT" website, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

    Best wishes!
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    Quote from elkpark
    Well, maybe some enterprising and ambitious RT student should start an "allRT" website, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

    Best wishes!
    Good point and thanks..!! Wish I had the technical skills and time for that, but we'll see, that's something to look into!
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    So after about 3 weeks in of school now, I have to say that Respiratory therapy school is quite a bit lighter than nursing school as far as the material and study time outside of class are concerned (though I am taking half the amount of credits I was in nursing the first semester). The information is still challenging, yes, but right now it seems to be more knowledge and fact based than nursing school was, that can probably change in the coming semesters though.

    One thing for certain is that I'm using much more chemistry/math equations than I ever did in nursing school. I'm loving the program so far and glad I made this change.