Another Mercedes update

  1. Is today my day for posting new threads or what?
    Oh, well, I have to go to work soon.
    Just wanted to let you know how Mercedes (my rescued beagle) is doing.. I took her to the vet last Friday, and it turns out she's in much better health than we thought.
    She weighs 20.4 pounds, quite healthy for her height.
    She has a terrible ear infection, a rather bad skin infection (with a bit of scabbing, too... poor thing), and hookworms. But she's heartworm negative with no serious problems that the vet could find. I had her started on vaccinations and microchipped her while she was there.
    So... her antibiotics for hookworms are done, she's still taking them for her skin infection, and she has otic medication for her ear infection. She's doing well. She's gotten to be quite perky, in fact.
    I had the opportunity to visit with the leader of the rescue who has a houseful of beagles. They are such sweet dogs, if a little stubborn.
    I wasn't comfortable leaving Mercy in a crate all day while I was at work, so I bought a couple of baby gates with the intention of gating her in the dining room and kitchen while I was gone so she could still have the freedom to move around but any accidents would be confined to the non-carpeted areas of the house, since she's still not quite housetrained.
    Well, the first day I gated her, I came home to find her and Jessie (my other dog) in the living room together. I haven't tried to gate her since.
    Anyway, that's the story with Mercedes. She's definitely here to stay.
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    Originally posted by MsPurp
    She's definitely here to stay.
    OH. There's a shocker.

    You're such a good mamma!

  4. by   delirium
    Yeah, I knew she'd stay all along. Those big brown eyes.
    What really clinched it was when she jumped the gate. Ever since then, Jessie thinks she's one cool *****, and now they are friends.
    My only concern was that she and Jessie wouldn't get along.
  5. by   CATHYW
    What a lucky little dog!