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I had this totally bizarre dream last night, and there are so many factors about it that I'm having the hardest time processing it. WARNING: this is long. I wanted to give you every detail, so... Read More

  1. by   monkijr
    Can anyone interpret this dream?

    Has anyone ever had a dream so vivid that the pain they experienced in the dream is felt when they wake up?

    I had this dream last night ........ I was walking in a small town, it was a quaint little place, little shops to shop in. anyway as I am walking, I am walking with this small girl and a man who happens to be my SO, I come upon two snakes coiled next to a sign. So I tell my SO to take care of the little person (think it was our daughter? we don't have children together, not sure?) anyway, the little person is secure, they kinda disappear out of the dream at this point, but the only way I can get around the snakes is to lean very close to the sign and sneak past. In doing that, one of the snakes strikes out and bites me in the hand. the snake was green and black. I hate snakes!!!!!!

    So I have this enormous bite to my right hand, specifically ring finger, it is turning black and blue and very painful. I go into a little shop asking for advice as to whether or not I should have it looked at. My SO tells me he knows someone who can tell us if I should see a doctor, so we walk thru this wooded area (beautiful big trees, grass, ivy growing up the walls, kinda New England like)
    we get to this house, but by car, not sure how I got in the car, when we get there no one is there, I am having alot of pain to the hand and bleeding.
    My SO leaves me and walks down to a creek, I go back to where the snakes were to see if they are still there.

    Don't remember much after that, just looking at my hand, when I wake I have the pain in my hand.

    weird? so what does it mean?
  2. by   kaycee
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Someone asked why I was walking like John Wayne...
    I guess you could say you feel rode hard and put away wet???

    And Heather I think you just ate something weird and had too much to drink at the allnurses bar last night.
  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Bump - so I can remember to address Ursula's thread when I get home.

    Kaycee - heheheeh... she said rode and wet in a sentence... heheheheh