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i don't usually start threads like this, but i feel this deserves some attention. i correspond via personal email on a regular basis with one of our members, jailrn. she emailed me a couple of... Read More

  1. by   DebsZoo

    No words will soothe your hurt ...........
    Just know thoughts and prayers are here for you and your family at this heartbreaking time.
  2. by   LoisJean
    Thanks so much, Heather; I sent her a private message. I join myself to all of you, sharing in the pain of her terrible loss and praying for solice for her and her family.

    Lois Jean
  3. by   jnette
    When words fail you................................ ((( )))
  4. by   rncountry
    A couple months ago I had talked about my 15 year old daughter that wanted to go to Santa Barbara to a photography school out there, but that I didn't necessarily feel comfortable sending her across the country at 17, which is the age she would be when she graduates high school. Jailrn PM'd me and told me she lived close by and that if my daughter still wanted to do this when she graduated then she would be happy to act as a surrogate mom. Come on out get to know her etc... and then I would know that my daughter had someone close by that could be there if there was a need. How do you tell someone with such a big heart how sorry you are? My oldest is 18, I cannot even imagine the pain of losing any of my children.
    Thank you Heather for posting this.
  5. by   shygirl
    I PM'd her also. What a horrible thing to have happened.
  6. by   Beach_RN
    Very Tragic! I can't even Imagine the pain she is going through!
    My thoughts and prayers are with her....... I sent her a PM

    Thanks for letting us know

  7. by   cbs3143
    My thoughts are with you JailRN. ((((((((((JailRN))))))))))

  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    I'm so very saddened to read of this. PLease give her my condolences and let her know how much her friends and colleagues here care.
  9. by   CANRN
    My deepest most heartfelt sympathies go out to JailRN. As a mother, I can't begin to imagine the horrible pain she is feeling. Prayers said and I will continue to pray for her and her family.
    Heather, you did the right thing.

  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have no words to say that adequately express the sorrow and shock I felt reading of your recent life events. I am truly sorry for the loss or your son. Truly sorry for all you are enduring right now. My thoughts are definately with you and your family in this horrible time! (((jailrn))).
  11. by   semstr
    No words for this! How terrible and what pain for the family!
    My deepest thoughts and condoleances for them.
  12. by   rebelwaclause
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    I think you did the right thing Heather. She will need all the support and shoulders she can get at a time like this. How very very sad.
    Hoolahan, I agree. Thanks Heather for affording us the opportunity to show how much we care.

    I'm so sorry JailRN. You and your family are in my prayers.
  13. by   rebelwaclause
    Vegas...You had a wonderful and thoughtful idea. I wonder if we can all contribute someway to a website that can deliver flowers from all of us?