A Worshiper's Heart Devotional: Ducks in a Row

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    Simple things in life, like a family of ducks, can teach life lessons that uplift and encourage. Who would ever think that seeing a group of little feathered creatures and a man trying to save them could touch a heart in such a way that shows the true meaning of a Father's love? Here is one such story.

    It was a typical weekday evening. My work day was done. I clocked out, sat in my car and began the 15 minute drive home. I was tired, hungry and ready to be in my cozy home. As I drove towards my goal, I saw a white work truck stopped in the middle of the three lane street with the hazard lights flashing. I was driving on a main street in the city, three lanes going east and three lanes going west. The other cars in front of me were slowing. Once my car slowed to a stop I could see what was going on in front of me.

    A few things were happening at once but when I took in the whole scene I realized a momma duck was trying to cross the six lane busy street during rush hour. Her little babies were frantically trying to keep up but a few of the ducklings were losing sight of their precious momma. She was close to reaching her destination on the other side of the road.

    Enter the hero of the story, the owner of the white work truck with the flashing hazard lights. The man had an orange t-shirt on so he was easy to spot. He frantically chased and tried to scoop up the scared little ducklings. The little babies flapped and flurried. The poor things didn't know what was going on. They didn't know that the man was trying to help them so they kept running away from him. The man would catch up to one and try to scoop it up or push it towards its mother but the duckling would run another way or almost run in front of a car. The man waved at oncoming cars to slow them down. He ran in circles for a few minutes until all of the ducks headed in the right direction towards the safety of the mother duck.

    I imagined that this man was on his way home from work, tired just like me. He saw these little ducks that needed help. The man looked tired and out of breath from running in circles around four lanes of the busy street. I wished that I could have helped but I did not want to leave my car alone and block a second lane of the busy road. Once the ducks were safely on the other side of the road I was able to resume my drive home. As I drove away I wanted to applaud this man, honk and give him a thumbs up, shake his hand, or buy him dinner. I had a big smile on my face amazed that a stranger would go out of his way for another stranger (momma duck).

    As I continued my drive home I thought of what had happened in front of me. The ducklings frantic and running around almost getting hit by cars, the man trying to help, the mother duck with her other babies following closely and staying safe. It dawned on me that this was all a picture of our Christian walks. The busy street is our busy life, the speeding cars going by showing the busyness, stress and daily struggles of life. The momma duck is a picture of Jesus. If we follow close and keep our eyes on Him we won't be affected by the cars that are speeding dangerously by trying to have us wander around in circles, flapping our wings and keeping us frantic.

    The second picture is the man trying to keep the ducklings safe. I believe this is a picture of God's love for us. He wants us to follow Him and keep our eyes on Him and His Son but sometimes we choose to run in circles and follow our own paths. We don't always know that He is trying to direct us to safety or towards His Son. We fight against the gentle push in the right direction. When He tries to carry us through the hard times we wrestle out of his arms to run back towards the cars that almost run us over. And through it all He is diligent. He doesn't give up. His goal is to lead us back to His Son so that we can feel loved and safe and walk in the path that feels like home. Can you imagine what it must feel like to be a baby duckling nestled under the momma's wing?

    A simple little story, five minutes that happened while driving home from work: a sweet picture of love. I feel blessed to have been there to see it and to be able to share it with you all now.

    Here are a few bible verses that came to mind while writing this devotion:

    Psalms 91:4 (New Living Translation)
    He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

    Psalms 63:7 (New Living Translation)
    Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings.

    Luke 15:4
    The parable of the lost sheep (think "lost duck" )
    "If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, what will he do? Won't he leave the ninety-nine others in the wilderness and go search for the one that is lost until he finds it?"
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Great Article, Frances! Sharing the Story of the Ducks from your Perspective and Equating the Situation with your Beliefs and Biblical Verses.

    It's those Little Things in Life that are Heartwarming. Your Article was Very Touching.

    Kudos to you and the Man in the Orange shirt!
  4. by   imintrouble
    I found your post at a perfect time of the year.
    I think your man in the orange shirt is somebody I want to be.