A survey of civilian deaths in Iraq since US invasion

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    Quote from www.truthout.org/docs_2006/101106L.shtml
    ...Of the total 655,000 estimated "excess deaths," 601,000 resulted from violence and the rest from disease and other causes, according to the study. This is about 500 unexpected violent deaths per day throughout the country.
    The survey was done by Iraqi physicians and overseen by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. The findings are being published online today by the British medical journal the Lancet.

    While acknowledging that the estimate is large, the researchers believe it is sound for numerous reasons. The recent survey got the same estimate for immediate post-invasion deaths as the early survey, which gives the researchers confidence in the methods. The great majority of deaths were also substantiated by death certificates.
    "We're very confident with the results," said Gilbert Burnham, a Johns Hopkins physician and epidemiologist.

    The survey cost about $50,000 and was paid for by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for International Studies.
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    "There's a certain level of violence that they tolerate?" I guess it depends on who is doing the tolerating. This man is not a humanitarian.

    Not credible? Death certificates are not credible?

    Quote from www.voanews.com/english/2006-09-27-voa73.cfm
    In discussing the findings, the Brookings Institution's Ken Pollack says he is struck by what he described as the gap that is opening between the people of Iraq and their leaders, who have been vocal about urging coalition troops to stay.
    Well, he did say the Iraqi government disputes those numbers. However, these numbers came from the people, you know, the family and friends of the ones who were killed.
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