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Hope the links lasts for a while for this thread. This Washington Post article is interesting to say the least. My brief comment: "Go, Powell, Go!" Ted... Read More

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    "why of course the people don't want war ... but after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ...voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. that is easy. all you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." --hermann goering, nazi leader, at the nuremberg trials after world war ii
    this is the most disturbing thing i've read in a long, long time.
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    maybe some of you missed it, but the media count of the Florida vote released last year showed ALL the votes in Florida WERE NOT counted.
    we all heard over and over about the recounts in several counties, but there were 175,010 votes NEVER counted until the exhaustive count by [as I remember] the LA Times, NY Times and Washington Post. These were votes rejected by machines and NEVER looked at until 2001.
    The Gore campaign blundered in their post-election stratagy, but Bush "by all counts" did not have the most votes.

    I pray for Colin Powell every day, I also pray daily our nation will be spared from the policies of the 'chickenhawks.' My husband was against the Vietnam War, he gave up his student deferment because he thought it an unfair advantage; his application for CO was denied [Catholics ineliglibe in 1967]. He refused induction and spent two years in federal prision. Bush joined the National Guard and went AWOL. If anyone proves different there is a large $reward available for them.
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    Originally posted by sbic56 [/i]

    "--One military blunder does not predict how Gore would've performed post 9/11. If it weren't for 9/11 we wouldn't even be chasing terrorists. We never took them to seriously until they attacked us on our own soil. Sad, but so, and I suppose human nature. I don't see where we made a whole lot of progress against the terrorists by bombing the hell out of the Afghan desert and it's people. Al Quada is as strong as ever, because their stregth was not in the desert."

    Far more than "one blunder," it was policy. There were several rocket attacks. And "we never took them seriously before 9/11" is a serious misstatement. WE (the intelligence and law enforcement communities) took them VERY seriously. Clinton - Gore chose to ignore warning after warning.

    "--Most peolpe never even heard of Bin laden prior 9/11. Was he even recognized as such an ominous threat? Can your offer proof that is so? I am sincerely asking that question. We were even funding him for a bit, as I recall."

    Again, wrong. Bin Laden was involved in the first attack on the WTC (how soon we forget). That was in the papers. It was also in the papers that he was behind the attacks on the US embassies after the WTC attack. It was after these attacks that he was offered to us in an extradition. Clinton-Gore said no. And, yes, Bin Laden was known to anti-terrorism experts before that attack. He has been threatening to attack American interests for years.

    --That Gore lost the election will always be debated. There "was no clear winner as far as I am concerned. Case closed on that one, please."

    Translation: No amount of facts will sway me. No matter the number of votes, I believe my candidate won. Please don't confuse the issue with facts.

    "__On the honestly piece: Show me an "honest" politician, and I'll believe pigs fly. The jury is still out on the involvement Bush had in Enron. Politicians lie. I accept that."

    I don't. The only jury out on Bush's involvement in the Enron scandal is the one in your (and every other hopeful liberal's) mind. There has been no evidence of involvement, no matter how deeply the press digs. We have yet to hear dissembling from Bush on the order of Clinton "that depends what "is" is. And, so far as I know, Bush has yet to claim credit for the invention of the internet.

    As to votes uncounted: Where were these uncounted votes, and why were they uncounted? Are we to somehow divine the intent of an anonymous voter who punched out both holes for opposing candidates? The uncounted votes were uncounted because they COULD NOT BE COUNTED. The voter screwed it up.

    And, on the topic of uncounted votes, let not forget that Al "let every vote count" Gore fought furiously to not have many of the absentee ballots from Florida counted. Al "we must count every vote" Gore knew most were from military members, and he stood not a prayer of receiving the majority of that vote.

    With that thought, I close this post. I'll be gone for a day or so, and I wish you all a happy, peaceful Thanksgiving. Take a minute to remember what the holiday is about, aside from turkey.

    Kevin McHugh
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    [i]Originally posted by sbic56 [/i

    I do think he'd be much less popular now if it weren't for 9/11. It seems awful to say that , I know, [/B]

    Tell me ...can just anybody get these type of telepathic powers ......

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    before enjoying Thanksgiving I decided to go chase a wild goose: the Florida 2000 vote. For those intesested in the factual results of the consortium project, here is the site. Briefly in 6/9 scenarios Gore won. Of course this doesn't matter, except to those who care that every vote does count. The fact remains BushII is in charge. He is an astute political leader. Powerful too.


    now that I caught my wild goose, I would like to stuff it with a little Enron spice.
    It is not only liberals who are interested in the connection between this energy trader and the Bush administration: as I mentioned in an earlier thread, the conservative leaning group Judicial Watch has sued for release of the Cheney energy task force documents from the National Energy Policy task group. John Dean [former White House Counsel, and another non-liberal] notes the refusal 'sounds all too familar to me. I worked for Richard Nixon.'
    The 2001 west coast energy crisis was manufactured; the facts are coming out as one energy company has already stipulated agreement to refund customers. It may take time but people will go to jail about this. Enron is only a part of the BushII administration's love affair with corporate welfare. Meanwhile ordinary people are still paying overly high electricity prices ; my own utility estimates the rip off to have cost every customer in our city $4,000. Remember, prices went from some $37 to $3,000 per mega-watt hour, and BushII did nothing. Cheney met with Ken Lay April 17, 2001 in a private meeting. At the meeting Lay handed Cheney a memo 'the administration should reject any attempt to re-regulate wholesale power markets by adopting price caps.' The next day, Cheney gave an interview with one recurrent theme: price caps out of the question.

    these are facts having nothing to do with liberal/conservative opinions. Gobble,gobble.
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    Originally posted by l.rae
    Tell me ...can just anybody get these type of telepathic powers .........
    No, only if you're Republican.
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    l rae

    No telepathy here...merely MHO (But good attempt at a comeback )
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    Again, I can appreciate but disagree with your comments and I still could debate, but we have hashed this enough are both set in our opinions...Happy turkey day to you as well.
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    Originally posted by sbic56
    l rae

    No telepathy here...merely MHO (But good attempt at a comeback )
    guess we are all entitaled......and everybody's got one....
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    Originally posted by l.rae
    guess we are all entitaled......and everybody's got one....

    :roll So appropriate:roll
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    Now that's a comeback!

    Happy Turkey Day:kiss
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    Originally posted by sbic56

    Now that's a comeback!

    Happy Turkey Day:kiss

    Taking a big courtsey.....

    Happy Turkey day to you too...keep in mind, l just do this to stay in practice to harass Ted.........:chuckle