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Isn't tonight the night for the 2 hour interview with M. J.? He rarely grants a 5 minute interview, unless it is in a court of law with a presiding judge. What's up? The only thing I want... Read More

  1. by   emily_mom
    We have a rent-a-wreck here. They rent and also sell .....
    LMMFAO! I learn something new everyday!


    Still, I don't buy the language or the signature.

  3. by   nursegoodguy
    And what about some of that wording... A 13 year old wrote that? Regardless, The whole situation is just strange! What sort of parent leaves their kid "alone" with someone like that?
    Yeah I know... A parent who wants to make a buck at the expense of their child, (or maybe 15 million) Gee, I wonder if the father is still working?
    It really sounds like the parent, (who allowed him to "sleep over") was more or less prostituting their child and they should've been brought up on some sort of charges...
    I mean there they are in Europe and MJ is sending you out on a shopping spree (I am sure at his expense) while he stays in with your son... *****
    It would be interesting to see what the now 20something year old man has to say...
    Anyone see any interviews with Macaulay Culkin since the story?
  4. by   tiger
    Originally posted by tabbeycatt
    I'm glad you clarified that. As an Elvis fan, I had to respond... so I hope you don't take my reply personally. I agree with what you are saying..... the people closest to him should have stepped in. If so... he may have been alive today.

    no way! i didn't take anything personal. welcome to the boards!
  5. by   Flynurse
    okay, he made some good music. he was abused by his dad which left him with some serious issues. i admire the work he has done in the music industry in past years. i feel sorry for what his dad has done to him, but:

    michael jackson you need to sit down now!!!!!

    "and that's all i have to say about that!" -forrest gump
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  6. by   RN-PA
    Latest headline from the Drudge Report:

    "EXCLUSIVE FLASH: Michael Jackson is so peeved at ABCNEWS and GRANADA UK, he wants to come on 60 MINUTES Sunday night, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, to refute the image portrayed in the television doc aired this week... Executive Producer Hewitt on the verge of saying "yes," sources say... Developing..."

  7. by   rachel h
    Did anyone see the interview on Entertainment Tonight with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe? I think it was on a couple of nights after the Michael Jackson interview. She is just as bizarre as he is. In her interview she said she gets angry that people say she 'left' her children... she says she didn't 'leave' her children... they are with their father where they should be.

    This woman has little if any contact with her kids and also said that her kids don't call her mom because she doesn't want them too, because they are Michael's kids and she had them so Michael could be a father. How incredibly sad and bizarre! I can't imagine a mother doing something like that to her own children!
  8. by   bewbew
    WOW.......Debbie Rowe must have been paid a fortune........how sad! Bet she found the money wasn't worth it in the end........
  9. by   NURS4GOD
    Shouldn't it say something that Michael Jackson has virtually no fan base in the US??? The only places people go nuts over this wierdo is in Europe or China or ?????somewhere else... I used to enjoy him/his music when I was 15 or so, (Thriller, Billie Jean, etc...), but he went downhill fast after that! I won't even mention his nose (YUCK!!!)