132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman

  1. WOW .... tumor grew 10lbs week. Surgeons able to save right ovary and uterus. Karen

    Found at CNN
    May 5, 2018

    132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman

    A 132-pound ovarian tumor was removed from a 38-year-old Connecticut woman this year, according to two doctors involved in the case.

    The patient, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that the tumor began growing at a rate of about 10 pounds per week in November. A medical team, including 12 surgeons, removed it in a five-hour procedure February 14 at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, according to Dr. Vaagn Andikyan, a gynecologic oncologist for Western Connecticut Health Network and a lead surgeon on the case. ...
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  3. by   TriciaJ
    Words fail me. I'm glad that lady was able to have such a good outcome.
  4. by   ruby_jane
    OY VEY! I'm struck by how the doc talked about how he saw the patient - he saw a scared human being, not just the case or the tumor. Bless him!
  5. by   quiltynurse56
    I like how the doctor also used this to talk about ovarian cancer as well as benign tumors.
  6. by   broughden
    Im struggling to figure out why she waited a year to have it removed.
    Any bigger and it would be able to get a driver's license and vote!
  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    It is possible that she wasn't able to afford the surgery any earlier.