"YOU helped kill a Palestinian today."

  1. That is a headline in the news today. It says "We bought and paid for the current carnage of the Palestinians." I quote, "if you pay taxes to the U.S. government, you helped kill a Palestinian today. Until Americans abandon the MYTH that the U.S. is a "neutral broker for peace " in the conflict, there is little hope for peace in the Middle East."
    A new study by the Washington, D.C. based Institute for American Studies, reports that in the one-year period after the Sharm el Sheikh peace agreement in September 1999, the U.S. pumped $3.6 billion worth of ARMS into Israel.....an odd policy for a country playing a supposedly neutral role.
    So, when we hear on the news that Israeli tanks are rolling through cities and refugee camps of the West Bank, we should remember those tanks were made in the United States. The Israeli jets and helicopters used in the assault are American F-16s, Blackhawks and Apaches. Machine guns, grenade launchers, missiles and bombs----made in the USA, paid for with our tax dollars---being used to crush the Palestinian people.
    Israels' war against the Palestians would not be possible without U.S. military support---$3 billion per year in arms aid."
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  3. by   fergus51
    Does it also say anything about how we paid to protect the ONLY democracy in the Middle East? Or how Americans and Canadians are paying for suicide bombers if they donate to some charities allowed to operate here....

    Frankly, I agree that our money is going to help Israel's army to kill people and I personally don't agree with it, but I am getting sick of hearing the Palestinians whining about this. When was the last time a Palestinian leader did something signifigant to promote peace in the region? Yasser Arafat wouldn't even condemn suicide bombings for God's sake!!! It's all too easy to blame America for all their problems and play the victim for the media rather than look at how their leaders have COMPLETELY failed them. I feel bad for both sides involved in this hopeless situation.
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  4. by   NurseDennie
    Yes, America is sending money to Israel. And Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia are sending money and arms to Palestinians.

    Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of those famous Iranian moderates, has already said that on that fast approaching day when the Muslim world gets nuclear weapons the Jewish question will be settled forever.


  5. by   rncountry
    President Bush "We will not allow Israel to be crushed by it's enemies"
    The neutral stand you refer to has never existed. Harry Truman was the biggest champion of the Jews getting a homeland, and America has from the beginning made it clear that we actively support Israel.
    When the state of Israel was created in 1948 the Palastinines were also supposed to have a state, both created out of the region of Palastine, an area that was that only, never a country. 46% of that area went to Israel, the rest to the Palastinines. That however was not enough, the Moslems of the Middle East did not want the Jews there at all. The insistance of a country just for Moslems is what helped create Pakistan as well. The division of Pakistan and India, Moslem and Hindu, was at the insistance of the Moslem population in India. That creation led to the uprooting and moving of 25 million people. Apparently it is ok to impose misery on others, just not on Moslems? Oh and where did so many of the Taliban learn and train? I believe that would be in Pakistan. These people should look in their own backyards and clean out their own manure before they begin to think they can clean up ours.
    Would you post what paper that headline came from?
  6. by   Mkue
    I wonder if all that $$ being sent to other countries could instead be used in the US to help fund a Health Care program for the uninsured.

    Frankly all of the propaganda coming from Isreal and Palestine is getting annoying and not a solution to their conflict.

  7. by   Q.
    I don't even watch the news anymore because it's annoying.

    Helen, please keep posting because I can obtain my information that way without all the added sensationalism that journalists and news anchors include.
    Originally posted by mkue
    I wonder if all that $$ being sent to other countries could instead be used in the US to help fund a Health Care program for the uninsured.

    Frankly all of the propaganda coming from Isreal and Palestine is getting annoying and not a solution to their conflict.

  9. by   prn nurse
    It was in the Houston Chronicle....on the Editorial page, and the author was Robert Jensen. He left his e-mail address... rjensen@uts.cc.utexas.edu This particular piece was 3 columns long, I quoted only 2 paragraphs. I read the New York Times and L.A. news daily on the net also, but both papers are so strongly pro-Israel biased, that it is impossible to hear a balanced report of whats' happening in the world. I have also started reading the Chinese Peoples' Daily News....skimming through it. Did you know Henry Kissinger has been on diplomatic missions in China and other places recently? He was Nixons' man, I think. Anyhow, the Chinese paper gave reports of Kissingers meetings,....he was there, while Powell was in Israel last week. Our news strikes me as a lot of semantics. The foreign news gives a more comprehensive and world view of whats' happening. Read the Jordanian papers to really open eyes to current events and how they are reported and perceived in the rest of the world. The king of Jordan is a very intelligent, worldly, sophisticated, and cultured man, and fair-minded, and our ally.
  10. by   VickyRN
    PUH-LEASE. I am tired of all this antisemitic diatribe. Whether you like it or not, our nation is at WAR against Islamic terrorism. Israel and the US are on the same side. A generation ago Hitler sought to annihilate the Jews; the Arabs openly make this their aim TODAY. Surrounded by enemies, Israel is merely fighting for the right to EXIST.
  11. by   shay
    I agree w/VickyRN.
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  13. by   fergus51
    Interesting. I hope they didn't honor that request if it was in fact made though it sounds like it from the article. It's dumb. When in Rome....

    I also hope the people who think he should obey the rules of our country might want to talk to the servicewomen in the gulf kicking up a stink about having to cover themselves off-base.
  14. by   NurseDennie
    I also agree with VickieRN. It was "wrong" to kill 6 million Jews 60 years ago, but now I guess it's "okay" to kill a couple of dozen a couple of times a week?

    This is difficult for me to write about because it takes me so long to research everything that everybody says! I read something and then somebody says something that I have *NO* idea about, so it's back to the books and internet.

    But I look this stuff up, and I don't find that there ever was a nation called Palestine. Back in the '20's the Brits were there; the occupied areas were unassigned in the 1947 UN partition plan. Then the Jordanians won it in another war (or another part of the same war) until 1967.

    Didn't the Arabs (Jordan) lose the West Bank to Israel in the war of 1967, which they started and then lost? I also understand that a lot of the Arabs in exile from Israel left Israel under the understanding that Jordan was going to beat the **** out of everything and then let them back in when the Israeli's were gone.

    It's very confusing and very sad.