"The fight's on!!" The Defense dept. vs. the State department !! WOWEE !!

  1. Anybody wanta make bets?? In one corner we got Secretary of State Colin Powell ..OPPOSING.. the Secretary of Defense Rumsfield...Backing Rumsfeld and siding with him..President Bush...This could be so much fun !!! Powell says they are...might be ...could be P.O.W.'s and under the Third Geneva guidelines. Rumsfeld and Bush say it ain't so,...that they are just terrorist homeboys from Afghanistan, and therefore...they ain't real soldiers because they didn't wear uniforms...army uniforms. Really! That's what they said. Todays' www.newyorktimes.com. I bet come Monday or Tuesday, Powell will say he was just doodling on that memo pad and didn't know the Washington papers was going to PRINT it. And that he didn't really mean to voice an opinion without running it by Rumsfeld and Bush first. Recall how the vice-president, what's his name vanished after Sept. 11? He was too vocal and competent. Powell will disappear next I bet. Maybe Australia needs a state visit or Antartica!
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    Originally posted by prn nurse
    Recall how the vice-president, what's his name vanished after Sept. 11? He was too vocal and competent. Powell will disappear next I bet. Maybe Australia needs a state visit or Antartica!
    Prn, our Vice President "what's his name" is Dick Cheney. And I believe he "vanished" after 9/11 for security reasons so that if anything happened to our President or any other major disaster, we would still have a working government. I believe it's pretty standard to separate the President and Vice President during questionable violent times. And if it's not standard, it's pretty damn smart.

    Seeing as Bush selected Cheney as his running mate, and selected General Powell as Secretary of State, I highly doubt that he would try to "get rid of them" because they are too "vocal." This twisted paranoia you are displaying of our government is kind of disturbing.
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    I assure you I am a salt of the earth, both feet squarely on the ground kind of thinker. It is true though, I do not have a blind faith in the governments' explanations of its' decisions. Possibly your media did not focus on it as the media did here, but immediately following Sept. 11, for the next four weeks, the media was "talking it up" re: Chaneys' marvelous handling of 9-11 and the independent decisions he made that day. Afterwards, the talk show hosts on t.v. focused for at least a month about "Where's Chaney?" He completely dropped out of sight...not a peep. It was in our papers last week that the "Gulf of Tonkin" crisis was government manipulated. The article said the government now admits they made up the story that the Koreans were firing on our ships to sway public opinion. The article clearly stated that the Koreans did not fire on our ships. It went on to say why the government felt they had to release false info to us ...to get us to be happy with their decisions. I simply do not understand why we do not have honest information from our own government leaders. I do not think that is paranoid. I am skeptical of a lot of current information. I think it is a citizen's responsibility to question and hold these guys to honest communication with their constituents. We have that right. Thats' the way I see it.
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    Your post just struck me so sorry if I sounded annoyed.

    I don't have a blind faith in our government either - there are things that I don't and should NOT know and I guess I am accepting of that.

    I guess as far as what the leaders choose to disclose or not; I have sort of a cynical attitude of our own society. When the average reading level of an American is the third grade, the government probably feels that Prime Time Joe would not know what to do with whatever information is given to him. Also, the information that is obtained is also "dumbed down" through the media to accomodate this third grade reading level. It's annoying.

    Most of what the government chooses to tell us I believe is done out of national security. And I am fine with that. As far as actual incidents and whether they were orchestrated or not, such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident you are referring to, frankly I would question the media more than my government. I never trust the media.

    They too where making a big to do about where Cheney was after 9/11 - and it was annoying and I didn't understand what the big deal was. I usually ignore the news and pick up bits and pieces where I can.
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    continue to function without either Cheney or Bush.. Sorry to disappoint................

    May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that...........

  7. by   3651bht
    Was the giving of $45 million to the Taliban in May of 2001 a security issue or is is still?????????????????

  8. by   Q.
    Bobbi you keep mentioning this 45Mil. Could please include your news source so that I may make my own conclusions?

    Also, no kidding that the government would still work without a VP - then the Secretary of State I think would assume the Presidential role. The thing is Bobbi that despite the check and balance of that - the primary point is to preserve key people.
  9. by   nurs4kids
    I wondered about that 45 mil myself. Did a search on the net, couldn't locate any mention of it.

    What is your source on that, bob???
  10. by   3651bht
    You'll find it there.................

  11. by   Q.
    Bobbi I am assuming you are not familiar with the APA format in which to properly site references. I searched under Tom Paine; I found a gardener, an IS professional, and then some leftist type bulletin - but still no mention of this 45 mil you keep talking about. Can you please site your source properly so we can find the specific article you are referring to?
  12. by   nurs4kids
    I think it can probably be found somewhere behind a few hits on a joint and estacy...same place as the rest of her sources.
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    that lists the amounts of American hard-earned dollars that are given annually to each country? I did read that Afghanistan was big on our recipient list for the last ten years...we were paying them to fight the Russkies...gotta preserve the country for our pipeline.
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    I just finished three nights, so I was watching CNN again at 4 a.m. They were talking about the upcoming STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS that the prez will be giving tonight. CNN showed about six guys walking out of the White House with the prez. CNN said they had been working on the state of the union speech. (Obviously taped earlier). There was the prez and all the top dogs walking down the sidewalk. The group looked awfully white. If any of you catch the speech tonight , scan the folks near the prez and see if Colin is near and dear. The Vice Pres usually sits behind the prez and to his right. The Secretary of State usually sits behind the prez and to his left. My dollar is betting Rumsfeld will be in Colin's chair. I could be wrong.