""Any of you on Broadband??""

  1. And I have AOL and a friend told me I don't have to use AOL or any internet providers to access the internet, and use e-mail. Is this true? Why are we all paying $24 a month for internet access if it isn't necessary? What are you guys doing???
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  3. by   kaycee
    As far as I know you need a service provider. There are some that are free but they have so many ads it drives you crazy.
    I use Verizon DSL.
    What do you mean by broadband. Do you mean cable??
  4. by   Brownms46
    There are free services out there, but not for boardband. And most of the free services went away when the bottom fell out of the .coms. There used to be a services that you didn't even have to give them your name and you could access the net. Also you get AOL....use up your 1,000hrs...call them up and they will give you 3mos free. Then at the end of those 3 mos..call them up and they will extend you for free again...... I have boardband...but I also have AOl...and have been trying to cancel them for years...but they won't let me...:chuckle I first got
    AOL back in 1995...before they started charging 19.95 for unlimited service, and couldn't provide access for everyone...and ended up in a lawsuit!
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  5. by   Ted
    I have a cable modem via my cable company.

    IT IS FAST!!!

    The cost . . . $39.95/month. It is a bit steep but I do a fair amount of work on a couple of web sites.

    When I download programs, it's done in minutes and not hours.

    Cable modem . . . way cool!

    Would be even cooler if it was cheaper!!!

    I understand Road Runner is cheaper, but they don't provide their service where I live.

  6. by   angelac1978
    Originally posted by efiebke

    I understand Road Runner is cheaper, but they don't provide their service where I live.

    My hubby and I had Roadrunner thru At&T Broadband when we lived in atlanta. It was $39.95 a month, but worth the $$$. AT&T's cust service stunk to high heaven though. Try 45 mins on hold to speak to a CSR! Now that we live in KY, there is high-speed cable access but it is ridiculously expensive! and you have to buy the stinking modem! No thanks, I'll use my $9.95 netzero.
  7. by   bassbird
    I have AT&T broadband, and yes it is a cable modem. It is sooooo fast! I had a cable modem when they first came out and you still had to dial in, but it was cable on the download. This is much better. There is no need for a second phone line.

    I don't have cable TV, so my cost is $49.95/mo. It would be $39.95/mo if I bought the modem ($~200)

    I am so spoiled with the high speed that I don't think I could go back to dial up, and definitely not AOHELL.

    Be careful if you have AOL and try to cancel it. They will give you 3 months free but don't automatically stop your service after that. If you happen to try and check your email, as I did to see if it still worked, they will charge you. AOL tried to charge my grandfather a few hundred dollars for a month once and it took a lot of fighting to get them to reverse the charge. Just be careful with them.

    Once you try broadband you won't be able to go back!!! :chuckle
  8. by   Brownms46
    You do have to keep up with when your 3mos ends. I do agree with not being about to go back to dial up after broadband...but aol will give you free boardband too...:chuckle Also I don't use aol for anything but the fact that I have a lot of friends on there. I have no use for chatrooms...or anything else they have. I once bought something from them online...that was on one of those flex pay deals. Found out one morning that they had charge the ENTIRE amount!!! I had to call my credit card company and dispute the charge because AOL decided to pay dumb...NOT!!!

    Getting ready to call them and cancel again....:chuckle
  9. by   thisnurse
    im thinking about getting cable because we have three comps in the house...does anyone know if we could all go online at once with cable?
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Yes with a router...just connected this week. We have COMCAST and dialup is blink of an eye. One concern is that you are constantly on unless shut cable modem off and vulnerable to hackers. Firewall a MUST.
  11. by   delirium
    We also have a cable modem through Comcast. I love it. It is sooo much faster than dial up or DSL.
    Ours is a bit steep, its $49.95 a month extra on the cable bill, but I am so spoiled with it. I can't stand waiting for anything to download, and with the cable connection I don't have to.
  12. by   DebsZoo
    Roadrunner.........DSL..............<sigh> Oh I WISH!
    We are in the STICKS of Upstate NY
    I finally got sick to death of waiting for a connection, getting booted and the constant busy signals.
    I coughed up a pretty penny for satellite internet.
    Before I did, I read a lot of different message boards and made sure of what I was getting into. Since the initial set-up, I have been very happy with my service. I have not had the major issues I read about, and with this company, I still have a back-up dial-up service, in case of satellite outage. And only have to use it on the worst of stormy weather <which I unplug everything anyway, so no problem>.
    The worst part?
    69.95 a month

    And, even with a hub, NIC card, I cannot get our other 2 computers set up to access through this...........so will wind up dishing out even more to get that set up working.
    But, all in all, I LOVE downloading in seconds/minutes vs. minutes-hours before. And the webpages come up MUCH faster, no long waits for pix and/or music to load.
  13. by   nursegoodguy
    Cable modem is the only way for me! It costs a few bucks more than aol but you get much better service! No busy signals, no getting "bumped". I installed nortons and have had no problems. nortons is a pain at first cause you have to say okay stuff getting on the internet... I also found a deal where instead of renting the modem I bought it and got a rebate for the amount that I paid! Be sure to get the start up kit too... Make sure your computer either has the ethernet cables or serial port. And you can connect it with a router too. Had DSL from the phone company but the customer service was so bad... Then I had a problem and tried to call cust service and was on hold the usual 1/2 hour spoke to a rep then got disconnected... this happened 3 times and each time they went ahead and put in a "new" order, i got charged each time and had a bill out of this world. Cable has been NO problem! I can't imagine going back to aol now... they have a great marketing scheme though... you get use to how their screen looks... what you should do is when you get online pull up the internet explorer browser, (start-programs-internetexplorer) and get use to browsing the internet with it. If you have any problems or questions just ask.
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    REAL REASON we got Comcast....

    " So you can get off allnurses site quicker" states hubby n sons and parents now have open phone line.