"Dawn of the Dead" and nurses as heroes

  1. First - if you intend the see the movie and don't want "spoilers" - quite reading now .

    OK - If you saw the movie (and you should!) what did you think about the portrayal of the nurse?

    Had to laugh at some of the glaring inaccuracies - for instance, I would never, EVER crawl into bed with my hubby after a long day of work with my nasty scrubs still on. Not only that, he would have kicked me out .

    On a more serious note, she was portrayed as strong, intelligent, able to think on her feet, and overall possibly the most vital member of the team (must have been the fear of losing the narc keys that made her remember to get the boat keys off of the guy's body! )

    I can't remember the original well enough to recall if this character was also a nurse and portrayed in this light. Oscar-worthy it ain't, but as far as media portrayals of nurses, it was top notch .

    (Oh, and if you saw the original and were expecting the zombies to be lumbering around in slow motion, be prepared to spend a lot of time behind your fingers lol.)
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  3. by   sbic56
    Sounds like "Dawn of the dead" is great! I saw one of the actors interviewed on the Daily Show and it sounds like alot of fun. Got to see it.
  4. by   oramar
    I have no intention of seeing it so I don't mind the spoilers. I am glad you posted about it because I am glad to hear a nurse is portrayed in good light. I was watching the WWII movie "Cry Havoc" about nurses. It is 66 years since they made that movie and it totally rocked. NOTHING could be more scary than the bombardment those nurses experienced.