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Well most of you have heard about my driving situation . . . and yes I am seriously thinking about geting my license, but I do not want to drive on this rural road to my house, it's windy, and there... Read More

    There will be more things in your life that scare the living crap out of you. Its a choice of do I want to sit on my a$$ and whine about it or do I want to have a life on my own and take two steps forwards and not two steps back.
    If you choose to sit and whine its your business, but would you like some cheese with that?
    I dont think my words will be much use to you because the majority of them wont be kind and compassionate. You have recieved advise from some of the most compassionate people on this board, and if you feel it necessary that you deny that getting independent is one of the basic steps then so be it.
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    So let it be written....So let it be done!
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    Here a learners permit is 6 months of driving with a licensed driver over the age of 25. I turn 18 in less than 6 months anyways, and driving with my parents NOOOOO WAAAY.
    What do you mean NOOOOO WAY?? Get real! You would rather have them cart you around everywhere in the passengers seat for all the world to see, then DRIVE yourself!!!! You said that you are SOOO scared to drive, well now is your chance to do so while recieving some helpful instruction?????????

    Ok, I know I spent a few hours on the 80's thread, but I'm not that old. Being driven around by your parents is preferable to driving yourself, in what era????????
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    Originally posted by FutureRN_Mandi
    Here a learners permit is 6 months of driving with a licensed driver over the age of 25. I turn 18 in less than 6 months anyways, and driving with my parents NOOOOO WAAAY.
    Even though they are the ones driving you to and from work? What's the difference? You'd be in the car with them no matter what. I'm not sure that your goal here is to actually solve this problem.
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    I have five kids and they all learned to drive at 15.5. I drove them to work when they were 14 and 15. When they turned 16 they used our car or they walked. I was not taxi service.

    Try to gather the gumption to take your test. You will be fine. It is not hard. Just keep the car between the lines.


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    Mandi don't think I am being mean. If you can handle working in a nursing home you can handle a car


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    Mandi you could take lessons from another party is driving with your parents buggs you.

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    originally posted by futurern_mandi
    i have driven, and it scares the hell out of me. i have tried.
    if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again!

    damn girl. it's not that hard! the first time i ever drove was 2 years ago with my drivers ed instructor. at first, my knuckles were whiter than snow, my hands were locked onto the steering wheel and i was as nervous as heck! but c'mon!

    i suggest getting your learners permit first, that way you will have more experience driving. i hated driving w/ my mom at first, because she always picked at what i did, but eventually she stopped.

    why am i even bothering giving you some help? you never use the information we give you anyhow. there are some very intelligent people on here and you just blow them off! what gives?

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    Mandi, when your parents or others drive you back and forth, do you offer to cover them for gas, etc. I mean, especially if this is a regular occurrence. It'll show that you consider their time valuable as well.

    Also, when it comes to driving, it'll take time to feel comfortable. Don't think that when you turn 18 that you'll magically become unscared. And remember, an accident is just that an accident. Just drive with your wits about you and pay attention, and I'm sure that you will be fine.

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    Hey Girl!
    Well, I am only 15 and I'll get my license in June. Yea, it's really stupid on having to wait 6 months even after your permit. To be honest, i was scared to death to start driving and alot of times i still am. But I went to a driving academy and it helped alot, they start you out in the country and then slowly bring you out into the city, it's really easy. Umm...... I live in Texas, so I dont know if it is the same foe you, but here you can get a hardship, as long as you are working and going to school (there are a couple of other things i think) you can drive back and forth to work and school by yourself, you might check into it. I dont think this helped you at all, but it's the only idea i had! you can PM me if you need anything eles i might be able to help you with or if you have a question! Good luck!
    I just read the previous post and immediately felt as if I needed to get my geritol and start my b&b training. Is it just me or does anyone else have a mind pondering at this moment?
    Where is BOB when you need him?
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    Is it just me or does anyone else have a mind pondering at this moment?
    What should my mind be pondering?
    Well Heather I could be very nice and nail my lips to the floor, or I
    can question why someone 15 is posting in a medical page? Or I can be ignorant and just walk away and wonder?
    PS I will sit here in my glass house and breathe heavily on the windows, and make smiley faces