To you nurses who've been pregnant and work 12 hrs

  1. Hello ladies.

    How long did you all
    hang in there and work? Until the baby was born or did you take off weeks before? This is getting tough. I'm 36 weeks.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I was only pregnant while working as a nurse with my last child. My doc took me off for high blood pressure at 36 weeks. I was very glad.
  4. by   Farawyn
    I hung in there for the whole time with my older son. I carried well and had no problems. I was tired, but okay.
    My second one? I went out 3 weeks before my due date because I couldn't get my shoes over my puffy edematous feet.
  5. by   OyWithThePoodles
    1st pregnancy: worked until 36 weeks, put on bed-rest after fall (at work) put me in pre-term labor, and oligohydramnios. C-section at 38.4.
    2nd pregnancy: worked until 37 weeks, put on bed-rest for "chronic contractions". C-section at 39 weeks.
    *I was MISERABLE for those 12 hour shifts after like week 34.*
    3rd pregnancy: I am 34 weeks, no longer in the hospital setting, which I think is why I have had a "non-eventful" pregnancy thus far. The doc did put me off of 12 hour shifts for my PRN stint at the hospital. She wrote a note saying I could complete my one required 12-hour shift in 4 hour increments, which I am eternally grateful for!!! And any extra I pick up say "welp, I can only do 4 hours..."
    Hang in there... invest in a belly band if you don't already have one. And be firm if you feel you are being put at risk. (Lifting pts alone, etc.)
  6. by   CBlover
    I have had my sweet cutie pie. He's 6 wks and I'm loving my time with him and away from work!
  7. by   klone

    I worked up until the day I went into labor (actually was in early labor during my shift).

    Enjoy your baby!!