Son wants to go to high school in my hometown

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    I have a situatioin as a father of my son. We live only 15 miles and I have had my son 3 days per week but am very involved in his life. I have been coaching baseball with him in my home town since he was 4 years old and now he is 14. We have gone on family vacations and I never miss any of his activities. I have been very active in his life. I like to think I have been a huge part of his life as he wants to go play college baseball. I do not coach him in other sports because I don't want to be that dad who coaches my son in every sport. His mom is not involved as much as I am. She will attend games but not all of them. With her being 15 miles away there has been an endless count of times I have had to make extra trips to go get him for practice and take him back. I do work in the same town as his mom but I also have two children at home that I do miss time with because of the distance. I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS. My son now wants to go to high school in my town. He has great friends here that he values more than he does at his moms. (his school is huge at his moms making it hard to make good friends). What I do not want happening is now that he wants to go to school in my hometown is be the taxi so his mom isn't inconvenienced. Where did they say that parenting in two separate homes was going to be convenient? Many times, she doesn't get involved because it isn't convenient. THat made extra trips on my part. Now my son wants to be in my hometown and we are going to mediation because she thinks I need to be the one who makes it convenient for her. I have a family with 2 children at home with a wife. Shouldn't she be the one who is responsible for getting him there. I will pick him up but will not make specials trips for her. I have been by my sons side all the time. SHe hasn't. If it fits her schedule then she may, but I feel he has made his decision and it's a good one. What do you say? Sorry so long
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    Since this situation deals with parenting issues involving your son, his mother and you, this thread has has been moved to our Parenting / Family forum. Good luck with everything.
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    I wish my ex-husband did one eighth of what you are doing for your son. Respect your son's decision, otherwise he may be miserable through out all the years he will be in High School. If the father of my children was that involved, I would be 100% supportive of his decision (within reason) and do my best to work with him. I wish you the best of luck and hope that the best decision is made based on your son's needs/requests.