Sexuality and Family Values

  1. One of my classmates stated, "society and the media is pushing gay issues on my children" I looked at her and laughed. I thought to myself, please don't blame the media and society for the lack of parenting skills and family values expressed in your home.

    Nobody's perfect but "what you put in, is what you get out. . . ." both genetically and environmentally speaking. A child's focus is based on the opportunities at sucessful development that we challenge them with each day of their lives. Children need activites that promote and increase intellectual stamina. They should be introduced to environments that also stimulate creative thinking. Helping children set goals and establish great working relationships are a result of intentionality.

    When the media, friends, and technology is imposing negatively on the healthy development in your child life, it's your fault as a parent. Our children indulge in alternative lifestyles at a early due to the lack of pathways for diversified acheivement in life. Sexual orientation should not be explored secretly by a child with their friends. Parents should be responsible for beging a non bias conversation with their children about the pros and cons of sexual exploration.

    Morality begins at home with the example we as parents set for our children. Not the example set by the life expereiences of famous people on television. It's your job as a parent to shape your childs thoughs, determine your childs beliefs and build them a foundation based on healthy living. Ultimately a childs home life should have more weight in determining their future than anything else.
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  3. by   Farawyn
    Are you saying "Gay Issues" are negative?
  4. by   heron
    I disagree with the concept of child as tabula rasa. I also disagree with the assumption that parents can, or should, control a child's thought processes and identity that completely. Teaching is not the same as programming.
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    Hmmm ... Registered today, first post is a major hot button and the OP is still on the site aeb the little green light beside his name.

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