Proud Mom Moment, or is it?

  1. Let me start off by saying, I am an RN now. I went through the ranks. I started as a CNA when I was 18, then LPN and now RN. I am currently working towards my Masters. My parents were both in medicine. My Dad was vice president of Saunders, so I had an amazing nursing library. My Mom was a manager of Pulmonology for 6 docs.
    My Dad became very ill. He had multiple falls, and suffered with Cauda Equina. He chose to do surgery and things went down hill from there. While waiting for surgery he was in a care facility and acquired a bed sore that never healed, which made exercising difficult after surgery. Basically he never walked again. When he was d/c to his home, he was about 250 miles from me. We hired care-givers who were amazing when I was there. There were 2 days that we could not get covered. So my son and I would drive down Sunday night to take care of him and then drive home Tuesday night or Wednesday so that I could be back at work for my Thursday through Saturday 9am till 10pm shifts. My son did the majority of dressing, and care giving. Dad was always able to feed himself and chose what he ate at the senior home he and Mom lived in. My son helped me with impactions, catheter care, changing catheter, flushing catheter, and wound packing. Dad passed away in March. My son really struggled afterwards to graduate. He got really depressed because he and his grandfather were really close. He did graduate in May.

    I just learned recently that he wants to go into nursing. I am glad that he is choosing to go into nursing, but then I think of the struggles I had with nursing school. He is not in a relationship yet. He is living in our basement (his choice). So as far as the dedication he really had no involvement issues. He works as a direct care staff from Friday through Monday night shifts. He is smart when he wants to be. He is great with people. But he also is great with computers. He built his own server at the age of 9. My husband is in IT.
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  3. by   Daisy4RN
    I would be very proud that he was willing and wanted to help take care of his grandpa and that he has decided to continue his career in nursing. He would probably have an easier job with IT, but who knows. He has decided what he wants to do and that is great! He may change his mind again and that is OK too, his choice. Sorry about you dad and best wishes to you both!! So to answer your question, yes, proud mom moment!!