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  1. This is my first thread to post.
    I have a nurse friend who I met through work (I'm a nurse too.) I hung out with her sometimes, and she complains a lot about work. We used to work on the same Med-Surg floor, and I moved to another floor within the same hospital because of the stressful work environment. At the beginning, I was intently listening to her and giving her compassionate comments because I know what it is like to work on the floor. Every time we meet, her complaints about work go on. Now I'm tired of it. I understand stressful events unfortunately happen time to time and a nurse may need to find someone to talk. But she chronically focuses on negatives and never sees any positive side. Even if I give some advice, she is lack of action. Like, I don't see any reasons why she is unwilling to change job (she is single with no kids. The area where live has a lot of nursing opportunities available).
    I like her as a friend, but not as a nurse friend much. Should I stop seeing her because after all I cannot change her? (She has to be the change) If you were me, what would you do?
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  3. by   dream'n
    She probably just wants to vent. I'm sure she has her reasons for staying and is smart enough to leave if she needed to. I doubt she even wants suggestions, just commiseration. But if it bugs you too much. then move on from the friendship. Some people are generally negative, while others are generally positive. Personally, I'm a fairly negative person, but I do recognize that about myself and try to add some positive at times.
  4. by   1056chris
    I had a friend on a med surg unit at the first hospital I worked at who was like this. I realized that she just likes to *****. If she has nothing to ***** about she wasn't herself. I learned to let it go through one ear and out the other. You moved off the floor so it shouldn't be to much of a problem. Next time try not to calm her or give advice, then she might not complain as long if she gets it all out.