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  1. by   canigraduate
    Don't forget, it doesn't always have to be cooked to be a meal, either.

    Think sandwiches, salads, fresh veggies, and fresh fruits.

    Take a few hours off once a week where you can batch cook and freeze the leftovers. Think stews, soups, casseroles, roasts, baked chicken, etc.

    One of my favorite go-to meals is chicken fajitas. Slice up some onions and peppers, sauteé them until soft, maybe add some mushrooms, then brown chicken breast strips in the pan. Combine the chicken, onions, and peppers, add fajita seasoning mix and water, then simmer, and you're done. Takes maybe half an hour. I make enough for 8-10 servings, usually, from 2lbs. of chicken breasts, one large onion, and 3-4 peppers. It lasts for a week in the fridge and reheats easily.

    Another thing I'll do is cook all my meats one day and have them ready to throw into quick recipes. Then you can just slice and reheat and add some canned green beans and box mashed potatoes. I get a big box of potato flakes or those little flavored packs. Those only take as long as it takes your water to boil. Or you can add the meat to a green salad.

    It's easiest if you make a large amount of staples and mix and match - kind of like your wardrobe.

    Example: I'll make a bunch of rice and use it in stew, stir-fry, make chicken and rice, make beans and rice, etc. I'll start out the week with separate dishes and use the leftovers to make stew or soup.

    The next week will be potatoes - potato salad and sandwiches, baked potatoes, potato soup, mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes, etc. I love baked potatoes, you just throw them in the oven when you get home and by the time you're through taking your shower and winding down from work - dinner's ready! Just slice 'em open, add some broccoli and cheese, done!

    Roasted veggies are really easy, too, you just slice 'em up, stick 'em on the pan, drizzle some olive oil over them, and throw 'em in the oven. Delicious!!
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