How to choose a car?

  1. Friends, I really need your help. I want to buy a car. More precisely not only myself. For the whole family. Family car for comfortable trips. Tell me, please, what better car to take. Thank you very much!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Good luck and wear your seatbelts.
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    And what do you think about Hyundai Creta ? I recently found a version of this online. It seems to like the car, but I doubt whether to take it or not.
  5. by   NurseCard
    I'd recommend a Camry any day. They are
    comfy and last forever.
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    Quote from NurseCard
    I'd recommend a Camry any day. They are
    comfy and last forever.
    Agreed. Heard lots of good stuff about the Camry.

    Fact is.. Rooty Payne Psych Tech bought a used Camry some years ago for $2500 which had well over 100,000 miles on it.

    He drives it to work every shift and it runs like a top.
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    Nevermind cars, I will never drive a car for personal use. Company, fine. If I hit a squirrel and take an airbag to the face, that's on them. I've creamed a deer with my truck. Front end got totaled. I walked away shaken with a bruised ego. I'd have hit the same deer with a small car, doubt I'd be alive right now.

    Toyota Tundra, Ford F250 with a 6.7 Powerstroke diesel is what you want:

    1. Maintenance is usually cheap(er). Nice oil change intervals for highway driving and hard driving alike.
    2. Reliable as all heck. Both will last you your lifetime.
    3. Parts are cheap(er)
    4. Roomy
    5. Full of practical features. Tow mirrors, good radio, tranmission take off provision, cab heater.
    Can tow Los Angeles county, bumper pull.
    6. Easy to work on for a new truck, and diesel respectively
    7. Tundra is open cylinder. Easy plug changes
    8. Can hit a deer doing 60, and still drive home safely.
    9. Huge fuel tanks = range
    10. Can be plugged in in the winter
    11. Can be ordered in various config's to suit your needs unlike a sedan with only a 4 door option.
    12. Truck can make you side income
    13. Easily accessible engine parts. See number 6
    14. You can buy a small toyhauler RV, and in disaster be able to bug out in a fully prepped unit
    15. 4X4 and good ground clearance. See above
    16. Diesels, you can put on a huge transfer tank in the bed and have instant access to 100+ gallons of diesel fuel when prices are cheap.
    17. Bigger vehicles are easier to park. Easy when you have huge tow mirrors that can see the Mexican border from Oregon.
    Yup. Trucks for the win.