Girl Scouts/Brownies

  1. Anyone have kids in Brownies? What are your meeting dues? Ours seem very high...$20 a month for biweekly meetings! Please let me know what you are paying to compare, thanks you!!
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  3. by   NurseCard
    That's really high!!! But, I guess it is up to the individual troop
    leader, how much to charge in dues. Depends on how many
    activities the troop wants to pursue I guess.

    The last troop my daughter was in, the only dues that I
    remember ever paying, was the 15 dollars that it cost to
    sign her up every year. All other troop money came from
    fundraising, mostly.
  4. by   SilleLu
    Thank you for the reply, I ended up finding her another troop...$20 for the year! I guess the $20 a month wouldn't have bothered me as much if they had provided a budget. When I asked for one they said they didn't have one yet