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  1. by   Farawyn
    How do I harvest my parsley and rosemary. Can I freeze it?
    My basil already froze.
  2. by   StNeotser
    Huzzah! We're going to have taco night! I make mine with ground turkey as opposed to beef, but salsa, shredded cheese, refried beans, yummy yummy.
  3. by   Farawyn
    Food. I like it.

    I'm so sick of takeout, but it's what I'm looking at again tonight, as I am busy after work.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    I opted for takeout tonight too. Just had no interest in cooking after spending most of the afternoon running around. And to think I have a freezer full of prepared dinners to thaw and heat. Oh, well. Maybe I'll have something thawed in time to cook for dinner tomorrow.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    We had to head to the "big city" last night for clothes for my son and his FFA class today. Went to Costco and then headed over to In-N-Out Burger where I had a "Double Double Flying Dutchman with grilled onions". (Low carb! ).
  6. by   Phil-on-a-bike
    Dinner at our local tandoori last night - "Solomon's Dhaaba".
    Chicken Nawab Khama for me, with lemon Pilau rice and a garlic-&-coriander naan. Fantastic - I love a curry, and Solomon's is always good.

    Homemade leftover veggie soup for lunch today: mainly carrot & celery, some mangetout, tomato and sweetcorn. Teaspoon of crushed chillies in there.
    (Homemade by my own manly hands, I should add.) There's enough for tomorrow, too. Had a ciabatta roll with it.

    Tonight - I know there's a quiche Lorraine in the fridge, but my better half's been off-duty today so she'll probably have something planned.
  7. by   confettireads
    Oh, my favorites:

    - 24 oz black mango bubble tea with EXTRA bubbles
    - Chutoro, saba, and amaebi nigiri
    - Mango sticky rice

    Yum yum yum.