Does any Older Person Think and Act Young?

  1. I am 74 years old, and love to laugh. When I'm talking to someone, I also love to make them laugh unless that person is like this. (When I encounter someone like the individual in this photo, I will usually; "Hello') and go on about my business because I fear i might get bit with the individual's false teeth.

    I believe that laughter is some of the best type of medicine we can find, and it's FREE! So are there any other people like me who love to think young and act young even though I am now a senior citizen? If so, Will you tell me a little bit about yourself and the antics you have either performed or currently act like I do?

    PS.. When I was a nurses aide, I made a resident in the nursing home where I worked, have a belly laugh by something I said. I'm too old to remember what it was now, because it was about a half a century ago.
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  3. by   GrumpyRN
    A group of us males went on holiday for a few days last year. Person who was up dancing and chatting to the girls the most was a guy in his mid 70's.

    We are going back this year to the same place and I am going to follow his lead.
  4. by   nursej22
    I am only 61, but since I've turned 50 I have: returned to college, learned to ice skate, learned to snow board, and gotten 2 tattoos. And I have learned to enjoy beer.

    I try to stay current on slang and social media including Instagram and Twitter.
  5. by   Farawyn
    I'm 50. I work in a HS, and my kids think I'm a nerd, but I know how cool I reaaaaallllly am.
    My BF is 34.
  6. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Yep, although I had a rough childhood, what saved me was humor; I sometimes say I was born silly. My mother's children were lucky to have a mom who was silly, too. It has really helped me in so many ways.

    At college, in the weekly mimeographed news letter, I advertised 'pain-free' hair-cuts. That was back when people who were going home on break did not actually WANT a haircut, but needed a reasonable facsimile thereof to appease the parental figures.

    I also put in notices like: "As usual there will be no meeting of The Stupid Club on Wednesday at 3 PM. Please mark this on your calendar." Also, doing something stupid made you a member automatically, and we were ALL President's of the Club. We greeted each other with a hearty yell across campus: "Hey STUPID!" It was a lot of fun.

    When things at my company (where I have worked since 1981) got unbearably STUPID, I made fun of them by making up realistic copies of new forms and of memo's, and notices, which I put in each person's mail slots or posted on the bulletin board.
    I made up a board game called The (company's name) Game, using co-workers names and BS we had to deal with more frequently than any of us liked, in each space/box. You rolled dice to move along the board and were to do as instructed when you landed on whatever space.
    I rewrote Christmas Songs using experiences and incidents we 'suffered' and (this was when we had a company-wide voice mail system) and on each of the 12 days of Christmas, I sang a newly written song, also using co-worker's names and experiences/opinions, etc. within each song. I did this for two years in a row. The reviews were mostly positive and the ones who didn't enjoy the fun just deleted my song before they listened to it.
    I drew a poster making fun of the new Dress-Code, and it was up in the office for several months.
    When the company started putting up things on the inside of the bathroom stall doors, the fact that we didn't even have a space of our own in which to conduct business without the company having our attention, I posted my own notices. For example:
    "IMPORTANT! There is absolutely no reason for this notice to be here. Thank you for your time and attention." --or--
    "This memo does not require that you read it. Please initial and date indicating that you did not do so."

    I have kept a file of all of this purely for my enjoyment.

    When we were the guinea-pigs for a new charting system (paper...redundant, and in TRIPLICATE, pre-computer days) I made up an identical form but with different goals and outcomes. I thought surely I would be fired when one of the goals was that no excrement be visible on the employees head or nose. My at-the-time Director of Nurses thought it all was so hysterical that she sent a copy of it to Corporate Headquarters, and to my surprise, corporate sent me a letter of thanks and said they were including it in all orientation folders and intros to the new form of charting! My jaw dropped!

    So one of the best ways for me to cope with the ridiculosity of the world in general and specifically of work, has been humor. Making fun of something like that takes out the sting! And I believe I had more fun MAKING UP these things than the folks who got them had reading them!
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  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    I became a nurse at age 55, wrote a book at age 56, make people laugh by making humorous remarks to the residents where I live, am addicted to playing scrabble. Few people play that game with me once they learn I win the game most times.
  8. by   mejsp
    Our single mom raised three children who graduated from college, are happily married and remain friends. We had our share of hardship and dysfunction, but believed love and laughter would see his through. I retired after 30 plus years of nursing. A shift never past which didn't include laughter. The memories I treasure most are the co-worker who could make a joke out of our most disgusting tasks.

    We are living an adventure. We retired early and sold our home before it became too much work. We bought an RV and travel full-time. A daily labor of love is caring for our pack, four lively Labrador retrievers. They are happiest when running, swimming and retrieving. We are happiest when we can find a shaded area with a dog park.

    I'm more of a "straight man", but surround myself with people who make me laugh often and hard. My sense of humor is picky, but friends with a sense of humor are to be praised above all others.
  9. by   Lil Nel
    Sharon Stone!

    She just turned 60, and looks fabulous. The NY Post ran some photos of her yesterday, cuddling with her much younger boyfriend in Miami.