Bedbugs and roaches

  1. Well, my landlord wants to treat my apartment again for a follow up bedbug treatment. One week after having been treated for roaches. I'm thinking I would rather pay the $48 fee for being unprepared than go through the stress of preparing my apartment for this treatment. Sigh. Did I mention that I hate living on my own? Too much stress.
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  3. by   Lil Nel
    Do you actually have bedbugs? If you do, and live in an apartment, is it a complex? If you have bedbugs and live in a complex, everybody's apartment will need to be treated. Bedbugs can live in walls and electrical outlets. If all units are not treated, the problem will never end.

    Have you gotten a bedbug mattress shield for your bed? Have you been washing your clothing and then placing it in plastic bags?? Bedbugs are a serious problem.

    Good luck!