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    Friday February 15, 2019

    Good Morning! I slept decently. Was very tired and took my sleeping pill. Woke up once around 1:30 cold and needing to pee, but was able to fall back asleep and pulled the comforter on instead of just a sheet. Working today. My employer was in the newspaper this week as the CEO and CFO abruptly resigned. Haven't heard any rumors or explanations. Apparently the City that is involved with some sort of agreement to provide indigent care by renting the land for $1.00 a year is upset because they feel they should have been given a heads up about the leadership changes, even though it's a privately owned facility and really not their affair. They are adding it to their agenda on the next city council meeting. Every now and then the city has to assert their power. A good thing I suppose.. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a sinking ship by working there..nurses leaving in droves, doctors choosing other hospitals. The other big hospital over the last decade has become the preferred hospital over us when for decades it was us. Other times I look at all the new remodeling and investment and remain hopeful. I still have 10 years left to work. Speaking of, I got my social security statement and looked at the number that is estimated that I would get and was discouraged it was so low, but encouraged that maybe my 401K might supplement enough to make ends meet without compromising my lifestyle too horribly much which is my goal. I couldn't make it like I do now on social security alone. Anyway. Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Friday February 15, 2019

    Good Morning - Tweety - It is a woefully uncomfortable to be feeling like "being caught between a rock and a hard place". For very different reasons, I feel that way with my place of employment, too. (I do like where I work, though.) Thinking of retirement is almost a daily occurrence for me. My mantra: There's More to Life Than Work. Sadly, the reality of a fairly high debt-load will most probably lengthen the years to when I can afford to retire. I wish you well as you work through your situation. Today is the 2nd of 6 days (nights) off from work. It's going to be a nice but busy day. In a little while, I'm going to my place of employment to video-record a presentation by our Vice-President of Operations (aka, our "D.O.N."). That will take up the later part of the morning and early afternoon. At around 2PM, I'm meeting with someone to discuss collaborative efforts in music writing and recording! I'm excited about this!! He works at my hospital, too. Throughout the past few months we've been discussing our own creative endeavors. He recently shared to me a collection of rough-recordings (recorded "sketches") of a number of his original songs. He's a talented lyricist/song-writer, for sure! (Writing lyrics is NOT one of my strong points.) So, we're meeting together to discuss our first collaborative effort: arranging and recording one of his songs. He's letting me write an arrangement around his works, basically "beefing" it up with added instrumentation and vocals. In addition to being a talented lyricist/song-writer, he holds a degree in film production!! So, it is my hope (and his, hopefully) that we'll be doing some collaborative efforts with video production, too! We're just going to take it "one step at a time", though, and finish just one song, then the next, then the next. I'm also working on one of my own compositions. February's composition is still not finished. Hope to have it done by the end of this weekend. In the meanwhile, I plan on having a relaxing weekend with Amy. Sunday, we plan on seeing a live comedy show and then going out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It's our Valentine Present to each other. Hope all have a pleasant day today! Ted
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    Sunday, 2/17

    BCgradnurse: Glad you slept. A delicious meal? Great! Hi Joe! Tweety: Glad you and est friend had a good time. I hope your sister feels better soon. Hi Steph! I'm glad you all enjoyed the 90th birthday party. Sounds like a nice day nursej22! I don't even have a membership ecause our local Costco is so popular it is an adventure just getting in and out of the parking lot. Costco only shares the lot with an In & Our drive thru that ALWAYS has a long line. It would take about the same amount of time to drive to a Costco in another town that stop and go more than 1/2 hour in that parking lot. From the street there is usually a long line to get in. Dianah: I hope your son has a good reunion with his childhood friend. Not much I need to do today. I plan to walk to the store. I may read some.
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    Friday February 15, 2019

    Hello everyone, I have been having some issues with my computer, but I managed to correct the problem yesterday. I found some malware in it. I have Malwarebytes, and it is an excellent resource for finding any type of malware. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
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    That would be quite a beach! I may prefer a silly cone Yup, your post was my laugh of the day!
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    Good question. AOC’s response was priceless. She seemed to think that since Amazon wasn’t coming and wouldn’t get a $3 billion tax break (still would be paying $27 billion in taxes btw) that they now could spend that $3 billion on other things.
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    That's a nice thought, but what do you mean by harm? If a coal company may have decreased profits, does that override irreparable harm to salmon and orca populations? Is using transportation dollars to build more mass transit instead of adding lanes to a highway constitute harm? Does encouraging more solar power over burning fossil fuels cause harm?
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    And here is part 2: I was browsing the blue side of AN recently and came upon my article from a couple of years ago when this was so raw and open. Thought I would give an update. Did you know that the US has the most incarcerated citizens per capita of any civilized nation - says something about us as a nation, doesn’t it? I’ve learned a lot over the past 2 ½ years since I wrote the first article. Here’s some of what I’ve learned: Lawyers are expensive! When we started this journey, it was recommended that we hire a private attorney. So, off we go to interview. We interviewed a total of five practices for a total of seven lawyers. We called more but several didn’t return our calls or emails so we quickly crossed them off our list. We were quoted anywhere from $5000 to $130,000 for a plea deal. Rehashing the details took its toll too. In the beginning, we cried in their offices, towards the end, we could recite the details without a tear. It really truly matters WHERE you commit a crime. If you commit a crime in a large city, the punishment is similar in most instances. However, if you commit a crime in a small, rural county where crime is uncommon, the penalty will be much more severe. Visiting in jail, behind glass is impersonal at best. You go in, sign up for a time, then return to your car to wait - whether that be 15 minutes or 2 hours, you sit in your car and wait your turn. When the time arrives, you sign in, and get assigned to a phone. You know now to bring in bleach wipes to wipe down the phone, and immediate area as it is always filthy. Your loved one is led in, handcuffed and shackled and he picks up the phone and you start your very stilted visit thru glass. During your visit you are surrounded by four other visitors who may or may not be happy to be there - you hear arguing, yelling, cursing, crying, sobbing, anger, sadness, many emotions flood the tiny visiting room. All too soon the 15 minutes is up and you must leave. Our judicial system is S_L_O_W - it takes months (and can take years) before a trial or plea bargain is negotiated. Trials are expensive, plea bargains are expensive too but more in terms of emotions: Plea bargains are like games between attorneys only the pawns are real life people The accused’s attorney throws out a number, then the DA counters with another number and back and forth you go. The families/prisoners go along for the roller coaster rider: first its 18 years, then 15, then 12, then ? and finally the number is set. Truth in Sentencing - another topic for discussion. These laws were enacted to prevent early release for certain crimes. It means that what you are sentenced to is what you WILL serve - there is no “good” time, no way to reduce the sentence. Aw - so probably the worst day of my life was sentencing. You go into a very austere, wood-paneled courtroom, filled with people you don’t know, media is sometimes present, the victim (if any), and the accused’s family. They bring your loved one in chains and handcuffs, shuffling along like in the movies only this is REAL. They look pale and disbelieving. The judge reads the charge and then states the sentence…”I sentence you to x-amount of years in the Department of Corrections” and bangs his gavel. As his Mom, I’m just numb, the tears flow, not just sad little quiet tears either, but big, messy loud sobs. My son is led away by the bailiff still pale and disbelieving. Our lawyer leads us to a quiet room so I can stop my sobbing and manage to get to the car without falling. Its over - no more courts, no more lawyers - we are onto the next step in this journey - prison. References: The Caging of America
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    I'm so sorry for all you had to endure. Hugs Tweety:hug:
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    Why my heart aches...

    That is beautifully written and expresses your feelings well. Bless you and bless them.