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    Tweety's right. I'm going to call my psychologist and set up some phone sessions to deal with the anger. No excuses for the hatefulness. I apologize to those I've offended, and will be counseling w/ an Alzheimer's CG specialist. See yez laydah.
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    Good Afternoon - Just woke up after a fitful sleep. . . We're getting lots of snow, as expected. The commute to work, last night, was a bit scary. At that time, there was about 3" of snow on the ground in most places and most of the roads that I use for the commute haven't been plowed. Knowing that this might be the case, I left for work early by about 1/2 hour. This allowed me to travel slow and cautiously, between 25 to 35 MPH. Thankfully, I got to work safe and sound, and on time. This morning, it was still snowing, but most of the roads have been plowed. So the travel back home was fairly uneventful. I was awfully tired, though, and did stop 1/2 home to rest my eyes. Then came the last 1/10th of the mile home. . . my driveway. . . It hadn't been plowed. But being the really, really foolish person that I can be, sometimes, I attempted to drive up the driveway. Well, after many, many, many, many attempts to "drive" up the driveway which included sliding back down many, many, many, many times (sometimes sideways), I got stuck. Really, really stuck. Stuck on the slide slope of my driveway against tall young trees. During this time, my loving wife was outside. Interestingly, she was shoveling the top of our driveway. I believe she was doing this to let out nervous energy because, while shoveling, she was also witnessing my vein attempts to drive up the driveway, again and again and again and again. When I go stuck - really, really stuck - I heard words out of her mouth that I haven't heard in a very long time. Beside being wildly bewildered by my action, she was wildly angry. Together, we feverishly shoveled the snow around the car in hopes to make it possible for my vehicle to become unstuck (so that the driveway get be safely plowed). During each shovel-full of snow, words kept on coming from a very bewildered and angry wife. Words out of her mouth were heard for miles. Literally. Our next door neighbors heard the commotion and came over to help. Eventually, my loving yet woefully angry wife gave up, apologized to the neighbors, and went inside to get warm. I stayed outside and shoveled some more. Another next-door neighbor came by and lent a helping hand. He put some tire chains under two of my tires. With the help of these chains, and a shoveled path underneath the tires that I did which showed bare ground, I managed to get my Jeep Cherokee free from being stuck. But this came with a cost. I smashed the passenger-side mirror and put significant dents to the passenger-side doors. The driveway still ain't plowed. Although no longer in the driveway, my car is still at the bottom of our property, off the road. And, it's still snowing. Just to let you know, this is not the first or second or third or even fourth time that cars have been stuck in our 1/10th mile long and steep driveway. Hence the understandably wild bewilderment and anger from my loving wife. Amy is better and apologetic. I'm depressed. . . It's still snowing. . .
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    Good morning! Joe, hope you enjoyed having Friday off. Dianah, sorry you couldn't make it to the apple ranch, but sounds like an okay day. Herring, hope you had a good time at the convention. J22, I'm sure the family appreciates the traditions, but I know how hard it is to be the host (hence my laziness at going out to eat these days) Ted, sounds like a decent night at work. Hopefully one of those 4 days you can get put on call. Stars, glad that you got some good sleep. I had a decent day solo yesterday, got some laundry done, cooking and gym. My computer arrived nearly a week early. Glad it came on a day off. So far so good. A couple of glitches and some new features, but otherwise similar to the old one. Works just fine, no issues on this site like the old one. Had a bit of insomnia in the wee hours and got up early before the alarm. I had a weird dream I was walking down the hall and was stopped for a lice check, they gave me two pairs of pants a paper one and a cloth one to change into but I didn't know which was to use. Weird. Working today and tomorrow.
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    Last fun of the evening was Nannie seen on the monitor at 10:30 PM, packing clothes into a bag. When hubby went into her room, she said she was "leaving this damn hospital and going back home"...home being w/ her mom and dad. Hubby talked her down and got her to take a PRN Ativan. Finally heard her snoring around midnight. This has been one of the worst days and evenings yet. I'm exhausted; going to bed. Thanks for the hugs and all.
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    Morning Kept waking up early, think I'm nervous about the new productivity standards, though I am prepared and ready to change how I work to meet them. Hopefully my nerves will settle Yesterday was busy. Church then brunch with J then met with the gay group. They had a holiday potluck and prepared supplies for a homeless shelter. Had time to exercise and work on cross stitch Also made a reservation for my trip to Madison next spring. Hotels seem to be getting expensive there Thankfully I got a lot done over the weekend so this short week shouldn't be overly busy Weather will be in the 30s and 40s with no rain, which is pretty normal for this time of year
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    No need to apologize, Stars. It's better if you don't try to keep it bottled up. You are a strong person, and you and your hubby will get through this. Continue to keep yourselves safe.
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    Typical gray, damp, December day. Didn't sleep well and would have called out except I knew that I had to make 2 home visits today. I went to the first one (30 minutes away) and he wasn't there. Great. 30 minutes back. I double checked my notes from the scattered report that the crazy one gave me last week, and yep, I had written down a visit for today. Per her notes, he should have out of meds today, but his mom showed me he still had 5 days worth left. For some reason, I have been feeling very anxious about an upcoming appointment with pacer doc. I do feel guilty about my meltdown with the pacer tech so perhaps that is it. And this time of year makes me feel rather down. I wish I was at Disneyland. Or playing in the snow. Or just partaking in a good night's sleep.
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    On a less whiny note, I saw this video on Scott Simon's tweet feed and found it to be lovely.
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    Good Morning! J22, sorry about the ongoing frustrations with the pacer. Glad you got the Eliquis coupon. Maybe they didn't have it at the time. I know sometimes we run out of the coupons and it's the luck of the draw who gets one and who doesn't. Happy Thanksgiving Eve, I hope that those preparing for the festivities aren't stressing. I stopped to think that while I've had some financial challenges with appliances and now the computer, I've had a relative good year so far. Much to be thankful for. Haven't heard from the family in a couple of days but presume they are having a nice vice with the kids on the other side of the bay. They are coming over tomorrow for Thanksgiving and we are going to a resort on the beach that serves a great buffet and is sold out. I hope everyone has a great day.
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    Morning Another productive day at work. 2 questionnaires completed. I'm ahead of the game so far. Should make today much easier. And I'm off the next 2 days Not productive with weight loss, 3 days off diet has meant a 3lb gain. Which seems excessive. Based on past experience should significantly decrease by next week if I stick with it all week. Will have to not go too crazy at Thanksgiving Got exercise and some cross stitch done. This project will likely take significantly longer than the last one J got the dog from the airport yesterday, no problem. Chances are we won't go out to eat tonight, he needs to spend a fair amount of time with getting the new dog oriented to a routine the next few days Rainy yesterday, high winds expected today. Will be cooler too. Thanksgiving should be fine, no rain expected