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    Stars - repeating herring to say praying for you, hubs & Nan. The situation has passed beyond the tolerable. Now we're talking dangerous for all of you. Praying for whatever works out for y'all.
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    Good evening. Stars, I hope that things work out for the best for everyone. J22 glad the eye exam went well, albeit uncomfortable. One of those days we worked short without a tech. I stayed until 21:30 charting and am having supper and going to bed. I was right when I said this was the week we would reach 10,000 covid cases. VP Pence, whom suddenly is a proponent of masks, was in town saying we're better prepared to weather the storm and shouldn't shut down the economy at this time. In some ways he is correct, we have more PPE, beds are still available, etc. but I have some serious concerns. The main problem is people's lack of interest in protecting others. We have a nurse that says she's in Texas and has Covid and doesn't want to come home because she lives with her grandparents. She's a known liar (has lied on me before) and was a no-call no show for the third time this weekend and I wish she'd get fired. Anyone that's dumb enough to work the covid unit, fly on a plane from one of the most infected states to another of the most infected states to party and visit friends deserves to get covid and think about her life. Sadly, she'll get away with treating us like crap here. Sorry but this young woman gets on my last quarter of a nerve.
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    BC, I hope your fiancé gets the job. Such an arduous process. I was reading today that American Airlines has decided to fly at full capacity. I'm with J22 in that I would not fly next to a person or in front of a person that wasn't wearing a mask. It's no wonder the United States has 4% of the world's population but 25% of the world Covid cases. We're in a massive state of denial. We had 6,000 cases yesterday but is down from our nearly 10,000 last week, but not hopeful about the situation here at all. Hospital bed capacity here remains okay...not good, but okay, which means most people are sick at home. Also read that the EU is banning travel there from US Citizens. Wonder how long this is going to be in effect. Ted has that trip to Italy. My boss has a trip to France scheduled for September. Glad I never rescheduled by trip to Great Britain. Sigh..... Herring, I do love a good juicy sweet cantaloup. Enjoy. Hot yoga was good. It doesn't seem to get as hot in this studio than the one I'm used to. I think also losing nearly 25 lbs. this year has made some of the poses easier. Just finished up our annual stroke education. I actually read it with interest, though much of it's review, and then clicked on the test which really was "I acknowledge that I've read it". If I knew it wasn't going to be a test I wouldn't have read it so carefully. Ha ha Craving some lentils for dinner so will come up with a dish. Planning on taking a walk. The heat outside lately has been oppressive with high humidity. But it is Florida.
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    Morning Quieter day at work yesterday, which was good After work road my bike into town to get a card for my cousin and to stop at the bakery. Have long thought about biking instead of driving downtown as it's only 2 miles. Do wish there were more bike racks Did embroidery and exercise after work Tonight have grocery shopping, for myself and the church. They're taking food donations through next week Weather will remain warm and humid throughout the week, near 90. But at least no rain expected
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    Rainy and gloomy here. Because of the holiday this week I got my usual 4 hours on Wednesday off. I forgot about it until yesterday morning when my supervisor reminded me. I wasn't sure the crazy one who is my job share was aware that she would need to work all day today, so I sent her what I thought was an innocent text to remind her. Hoo boy, that blew up. She proceeded to send group texts through out the day and even this morning expressing her disapproval. In the 3 years I've worked here she has always done what ever she wanted, and this was not what she wanted. The supervisor pointed out that this has been on the schedule since May, but that didn't appease the crazy one, one bit. Oh well, I think her little tantrum may come back to bite her in the butt. I went for a good run in the park, and then packed up the dog and drove to pick up my murder hornet trap from dd. But she forgot to put it out before she left for work. I stopped at the grocery store to grab some to make for dinner, and searched for rice cooking wine and OJ for the trap. I am going to substitute sake for the unfound rice wine. I suppose I could go to an oriental market, but I don't like to leave the dog in the car for too long, even though its a cool (mid 50s) day. Home for my televisit counseling session which was meh. I think I'll give it one more try and then stop. I would really like to work on the source of my anger and she is concentrating on cognitive behavioral therapy around just getting through provider visits without exploding and yelling at people. I had a frustrating call with the office that did one of my ultrasounds. The medical insurance paid all but $30 on one, including the Dr.'s interpretation. The other one was not paid, so I will have to pay $800 out of pocket, plus $30 for a Dr. interpretation. The reason being the covered one was billed as an office visit (even though no doctor was present) and the other is billed as an outpatient procedure, even though it took place in a building with several dr. offices. And this so-called outpatient procedure can't be an office visit " cuz that's just not how they do it. " I am going to try to pursue this because this is ridiculous . Had it been in the hospital I would get it, but not when it's done in an office building. I wish I could ride to work at times, but it's 16 miles and would take me 2 hours to get home due to the big hill I live on. Happy birthday Ozzie!
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    Yes. It will be a very different kind of service. Masks, social distance, no singing, no coffee hour, no communion wine. And hot, as it will be in the sanctuary, instead of the smaller but air conditioned parish hall
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    Sorry Stars, I did not intend to start a competition. When you wrote that above I seem to also have a memory of that cartoon from somewhere.
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    You didn't specify good or bad...
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    They did, and the passengers went higher when I hit bumps.
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    I saw two horses, 2 elephants, 2 turtles, a cow & a bull, a hen & a rooster, 2 ducks, and mostly people4 mating sexually. BORING!

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