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    Good Afternoon - Joe - Good to read that J isn't a victim of some kind of credit card fraud. That's one less thing for him to worry about. Hope work is "Q" for you today, and that work, in general, settles down to a nice routine. Tweety - Ouch! Bowling team now in 16th place!! Well, if one must be beaten by a rival team, at least that team is a "much better" team! (Your words!!) L O L!!! (I'm still giggling! L O L!) Good for you for the 10 pound weight loss! Hope that A1C is WNL for you. Work, last night, was "Q". . . thank goodness! I was more tired than I realized, as I was driving to work last night. I hope I don't get called in to work tonight. I think that if the full-time Shift Director was to call out sick, again, she would have done so by now. Today. . . Don't know what I'm going to do. NOT go to work, that I am certain!! I just turned my head and looked at the completed "written" composition on my music stand. I think I know what I'm going to do, now. Finish sequencing (recording) the piece. First. . . I need me some Second Coffee. Just finished First Coffee and the empty cup is saying, "Fill Me! Fill Me!" Peace, folks! Ted
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    Good Morning! BC, safe travels home today and glad you had a much deserved vacation. Best wishes to your finance in his interviews. J22, did you see Doolittle? I get annoyed sometimes with remakes of the good movies over again. This is what the third remake? Work was a bit challenging yesterday, but garden variety. Just little annoyances like an admission I got 60 seconds notice on because they forgot to beep me and there was no bed on the unit and I had to get one from next door, an IV that fell out of a hard stick obese patient with a stat dose of solumedrol, a picc line that wouldn't draw blood and needed activase (?), on and on and on. I was so tired from the insomnia the night before I could barely eat dinner before falling fast asleep. Slept well with my sleeping pill and was surprised when the alarm rang thinking "am I working today?? It's my day off isn't it? Please it's my day off why is this alarm ringing. Dammit". One of those "rude awakenings". Ha! Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Morning Work day started slow ended up busy. Think today will be a bit slower. Will be glad when the changes settle down and things get back to normal. Probably will be another month before that happens J got some good news, apparently he hasn't been a victim of credit card fraud. It appears to have been a case of miscommunication. J is still pretty worn out, from all the calls and dealing with the flu Tonight meeting the church group at a local restaurant, one I haven't heard of before
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    Morning Had the annual meeting after church, thankfully it was fairly short. The potluck afterwards was nice. The choir sang, had only 4 people due to illness. Rest of the day was quiet. J is still recovering so we decided to hold off on meeting yesterday. And he's still trying to get the whole credit card scam straightened out. I'm hoping today he can make progress on that. Feeling pretty good today, after several days of feeling not so good due to work stress. Knew I would return to normal in a few days Weather has been stable, in the 30s with no snow expected
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    Hi, home from getting my hairs cut, and it feels so sleek. I met the fireplace tech at my house, but unfortunately the ordered part is not going to work and we may need to get an all new fireplace. Gad, what is going to go wrong next next? I wrote a less than favorable review about my visit to the eye place and got a call from the clinic manager. I told him that I felt it was common curtesy to introduce ones self and their role and he insisted that all their staff did that. I also said that no one asked me about allergies before instilling drops in my eyes. He proceeded to list my allergies and my meds, which were from a year ago. I pointed out to him that people can develop new allergies and that I, as a nurse, would never administer a medication without verifying allergies. He apologized for my negative experience. It's another warm, rainy day here. Dh said something about going to a movie tonight or tomorrow , but nothing definite planned. I saw an old grade school / high school friend at the park this morning. I told her I was jealous about her retirement. She said it's been good, except she just found out she cancer with mets. Gosh, that's a blow. So my whining about eye issues seems pretty small in comparison. She is otherwise a healthy, active person with a positive attitude. The rain has stopped momentarily, so imma gonna run out and do a little pruning. Later.
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    Did TV Journalist Use a Racial Slur During Kobe Bryant Report? On Jan. 26, 2020, a helicopter crash in California killed NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people on board. As news of Bryant’s untimely death reverberated across the news media, some social media users shared a clip supposedly catching an MSNBC reporter using a racial slur while reporting on the tragedy... ... Our transcript of Morris’ comment in question: “It seems like he was just the kind of athlete, the kind of star, who was perfectly cast on the Los Angeles [stutter; unclear word] Lakers.”... ... Morris explained that this was an unfortunate slip of the tongue. Morris wrote on Twitter that she stuttered on air and started saying the word “Knicks,” the NBA team from New York, before transitioning to Bryant’s team, the “Lakers.” This came out as a combination of “Knicks” and “Lakers,” which sounded like a racial slur:.... ... Listening to the soundbite alone, one could argue that Morris used a slur. However, if we consider this clip in a larger context, it is doubtful that it was intentional or even some sort of racial Freudian slip. Morris was reporting on the sudden and tragic death of an NBA icon. As this was a live report on a breaking news event, it seems reasonable that a reporter (even an experienced one) might get a little flustered and make a few more verbal gaffes than normal. The use of a racial slur also seems out-of-character for Morris. We did a brief search on Morris’ history as a reporter and found no similar slips or racial controversies in her past... https://www.snopes.com/news/2020/01/27/reporter-racist-slur-kobe-bryant/
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    Mahogany Worms. Sounds like a name for some type of yucky sports team.
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    I grew up in Oklahoma in an interracial family due to adoption and intermarriage. Black, Cherokee, and White. Sometimes we were called names, including the N word or "N lover". Often as young kids we had eggs and rotten tomatoes thrown at us. Sometimes we feared for our lives. Yearly we went to Texas to visit family. Once Grandma, Mommy, two aunts, and 12 kids were walking on a sidewalk in Amarillo. Three men dressed like cowboys walking in the opposite direction blocked us saying, "You N*****s should know to get in the gutter when a Texan walks down the street" They called us other names. My Mom and her sister were beautiful women then. My aunt said loudly, "Well, Bless your hearts. You don't know no better. Too bad you don't know God loves you and your folks and he love us too. We will pray for you. We all recited "The Lords Prayer". Those tall men went sideways and single file past us and we continued on our way from church to a great aunts house in the "colored" neighborhood. Years later my Grandma and my then boyfriend stood in front of a large house on Los Feliz Blvd. in Los Angeles with others protesting a real estate sign that said, "For Sale to White Christians Only!" The usual eggs and garbage were thrown at us along with a few rocks by people in passing cars. Then police came and ordered us to leave, which we did. Just s few years ago nurses in my state had to have digital fingerprints before we could renew our license. The man who fingerprinted me asked if I wanted to see my FBI file. It was one page, a photo of me, my boyfriend, and my Grandma. Five years after that protest I read in the paper that the first black family had bought a house, thus integrating that neighborhood. He was a young attorney named Johnny Cochran. I'l stop because I could fill many pages telling of such experiences. PS: The worst physical mark from a racist attack was when a group of older kids pushed my bike over on a gravel road causing minor cut, abrasions, and bruised. Not really bad compared to the many who have been killed because of their race. PPS: I am a proud liberal. In 1960 at age 16 I stuffed envelopes for his presidential campaign:
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    Is there a specific candidate or policy that you have in mind relative to this? I certainly didn't intend to insult you by using the term liberal. That acknowledgment actually explains why you are not comfortable with the candidates and their ideas. How do you think we should get to a place where all Americans have access to all healthcare? Do you think that no insurance premiums co-pays and deductibles would take the sting out of a healthcare tax?
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    Gossip, because it hurts others.

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