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    Good Morning! Joe, hope work continues to be productive and rewarding in whatever way. Sorry you couldn't see J. Ted, if being the Choir Director is something you enjoy, and obviously you are good at, and they need you, I hope it works well for you. My issue would be when you work back to back 12 hour shifts, your commitment to getting up and going to church is just crazy. I wouldn't do that. But I'm older than you and can't handle it. Hope you enjoy your fast internet. Nel, as I was reading your post I was saying to myself "he needs a mood stabilizing medication". Sounds like the coworker that quit recently rather than float. His personality, especially since I do charge a lot, is one I could not deal with very well. Not getting along and complaining about 4 people would be a red flag to me in HR that the problem isn't everyone else, but him. Herring, why would neighbors spending time on a balcony across the street annoy anyone? J22, I see the work drama continues. Always something. I had a flash about the pyscho nurse when I saw her last night. I told her "are you talking about the time I called you in when you were on call and you never answered or came in? Yes, I did talk about you that night. I said you were wrong for doing that" Her answer was "yes, and you canceled me you didn't put me on call and I have evidence on my phone". I asked to see it and she showed a text of a message she said was from me which didn't say anything about being canceled. I said, I didn't leave a message, we talked live and I put you on call. So it's basically her word against mine. I never cancel, I always put people on call. She also was a no-call no show a few weeks prior to that. Of course, she's going to get away with it, but hopefully will be held accountable. Anyway, she stuck her nose up in the air and scooted off. During our bedside report we are all smiles with each other in front of the patient at least. Off today and the termite inspection is this morning. I'm hoping for good news, but the pessimist in me knows pretty much it's going to be bad news and costly. But the optimist in me hopes not. The realist in me is sitting still and taking what comes. Other than that, I hope to work out some, cook and relax. Working this weekend. Need to straighten up before the bug person gets here. Have a great day.
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    Good Morning! Nel, I used to be a good letter writer as well. Work was quite busy. They pulled a nurse we could have used to work Rehab. I got lunch at 3pm and clocked out at 9pm. Came home and ate, too a sleeping pill and didn't move until the alarm went off, so that was good sleep. Needed it desperately as today is "The Dreaded Thursday". I'm trying to be more positive as I approach Thursdays, but meh. It is what it is. One of the night shift workers, a very immature 30 year old pyscho said something to a few us sitting there "I heard all about it..you guys talking about me". I said "I don't think I talk about you anything I haven't said to your face. What are you talking about". Her: Never mind, I'll just mind my own business. Me: So you were gossiping about me behind my back saying I was gossiping about you behind your back, but won't talk it about now? Her: skunks off silently, nose in the air. Whatever. Have a great day.
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    Good Morning! Joe, hope work at the new job goes well for you today. Supposed to rain some here today too, but that's typical for us this time of year. Supposed to only get to 84 because of the rain. Usually it's at least 90. Slept in and just have some odds and ends type chores to get done. Hope to exercise. Yesterday was a cheat day at work and had junk food that I enjoyed.
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    Hullo, We (all 3 of our kids, SIL, and 2 grands) took dh to the local minor league baseball game yesterday afternoon. It was sunny and warm, I got a sunburn for the first time in years, and dh burned the tops of his knee, but we had fun. We take camp chairs and sit on the grass berm and the kids can run around. Came home and grilled some chicken and potatoes on the barby. Fell asleep watching as husband surfed around on the TV-interview with pres, a murder mystery on PBS, and 2 different baseball games. I often don't even watch telly with dh because the constant channel change is irritating. Back to work today. There is a hospitalized r/o TB that our seasoned TB nurse has been showing me all the info she needs to gather for reporting, even though we are not seeing him, yet. Need to know when and how all cxs were collected, what meds and doses have been given, any exposures and contact investigation started, and any underlying conditions, like HIV. Joe, I thought you were in Indiana, but is it Wisconsin? I hope stars is getting some pain and stress relief! Good day to all, j22
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    Good afternoon! It's just another Monday. It's not too busy, but busy enough so I'm not bored. Yesterday was cool and rainy. DD stopped by for a while. We had a good chat. I will see her again before she leaves for the island. Fiance went to the movies with his DDs. I chose to stay at home and enjoy the solitude. Hope all have a great day!
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    Good morning nurses! We had a good Father's day Son and DIL choose a restaurant that accepts dogs on the patio. Their dog is very well behaved. He did lick my toes under the table. They have never fed him from the table, so he doesn't beg.
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    My workday breakfast is oatmeal, papaya and a fresh raw green smoothie. Steph, sounds like a challenge work wise, but how fortunate they had you there to talk to. I still get amused when you guys say "I have to pay bills" as a chore to get done, as I've said before that I don't pay bills. They pay themselves. Welcome back nursesea, hope you continue to post. Good luck on the new job. Nel, that sounds dreadful. Hate when one thing after another goes bad. Rehab patients are indeed med-surg patients these days. We have a rocky patient that was on 3 liters of "high flow" oxygen. Med-surg is more like an ICU. Had a nice but busy day. Had four patients and discharged three and moved the one left. The one was supposed to be an overnight stay and home on Friday. Turns out he has no home and is using every excuse in the book to stay. Now he's contesting his discharge, as Medicare patients can do. Surely they will reject his plea. During the transfer his dinner didn't make it but he excepted an "extra" tray by me. All I saw was "extra" on the ticket and heated up the burger and soup that was on it. Turns out it was from lunch. He read the ticket and my name was trash. It was still pretty fresh, but he's an annoying, entitled, complains about anything man. Kind of ruined a very good mood. But I can't let him have that power.
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    Tweety: I'm glad you don't have termites.
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    Morning Less busy day for me yesterday. Decided to skip church and instead go for a walk and do some errands. Later met J for brunch and the musical Matilda. Was a good performance but a fairly strange story. Evening was fairly quiet Back to work today, hopefully things will run more smoothly now that I've started doing actual work. Working on getting my Michigan license since the patients I call are from Michigan. Not sure how long a process that is Weather has been good, rain will hold off until Wed. Surprisingly has not bee hot at all this year, don't think it's gotten above the low 80s yet