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    Gosh, I am bereft to hear the news about Big Boy. Poor Nel, what a terrible blow for her. I cried for them when I read about him breaking a leg, and I am not one easily moved to tears. She was so devoted to him. Nannie woke up in a confused state; she came out on the patio, with her purse, saying that my hubby was going to drive her to school. (On a Saturday?) She was wondering what was taking him so long to get ready, so I ran inside and told him what she was expecting. After he spoke with her, it boiled down to the 'fact' that she hasn't been out or gone anywhere in the longest time. He is going to take her on a ride and then pick up her lunch at Hardee's, as she is crazy for the giant roast-beef sandwiches. I hope once they come back she is in a better frame of mind. Starting off the day with her 'in another world' doesn't bode well for the rest of the day. Oh well. I got to stay home with the excuse (legitimate) that I am doing laundry today. Whew!!! I'll prolly drop by later. Hope everyone's weekend goes smoothly.
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    Good Afternoon I got up early (for me) this morning to take the Oz-man to his vet appt. where he had shots, blood-work, pee +poop check, and antibiotics. He goes on Nov. 20th to have his teeth cleaned +/or extracted; don't want him to end up having to be put down like we did with Pippy. Ozzie is his Daddy's special baby, and hubby has already got enough to deal with as it is. Someone (who is 90 y,o.) woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...first thing she did was tip her pills out of the pill cup onto the palm (of the wrist she broke twice) and as she swooped them up toward her mouth, they went everywhere except into her mouth. Hubby always tells her to take the pills straight from the med-cup instead of her palm, but nooooo, Mrs. Opposite has to do her own thing. Then she got mad for hubby telling her that what just happened is the reason he always tells her to take them straight from the cup. Which, of course, made her mad, because she has "been taking pills for 90 years" and she knows what she is doing! And he unfortunately said "Then why did you toss them all over yourself?" At which point he left the room. I had just came back from the vet visit. She yelled at me so that HE could hear her, "What the HELL is wrong with that G__ D___ JACKASS today?" I replied as I left the room, "I just came back from the vet. I'm not getting in the middle of this!" Whereupon she cussed at ME, and hubby poked his head in the back door and said, "Such nice language from a 'good' Christian woman." So, The Ice-Cold Silent Treatment started early today. Big Whoop-dee-doo! When I woke up this AM it was a rude, mean-cold 62 degrees in the house! BBRRRRR! I got the heat turned up, and when I took Ozzie out to collect his specimens, I discovered it was 63 degrees outside. However, it is very clear and sunny. The rain we were supposed to get has been moved to Friday and Saturday. The temps are going down, no longer humid 80's and 90's, thank goodness. My plans for the day include cooking some boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the oven, wrapped in foil, with whatever herbs/spices I decide to add. I just want some chicken that is not processed to death. If I can find some decent fish, maybe from Harris-Teeter, I can broil it to have on hand also. Got me a hankering for all the veggies hubby doesn't cook, like spinach, brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, salad greens, and other veggies. He does cook green-beans, but always adds his favorite addition: bacon bits! When I pushed most of the bits over to the side, he said "Don't you like bacon?" Well, yeah, I LOVE bacon, but not in everything!!!! I like my bacon slices crisp and dry. He even adds bacon bits to canned beans of any kind. He adds them to corn. His best favorite vegetables are green peas and corn; both are good, BUT not so often! I like a larger array of vegetables than he does, and I want them essentially plain, with maybe either a little butter + salt, with fresh-ground pepper, or lemon juice. He also likes to top a LOT of meats with cheese. I like cheese, too, but not in or on everything! Shredded cheese and bacon bits on breaded chicken patties.Okay, good once in a while, but...EGADS! At least with the statin and weight control plans I can not have to insult hubby by not eating some of his stand-by meals. WHEW! Hubby knows I am cutting down on cholesterol and serving sizes, because I want to decrease the dose or go off the statin meds, AND lose some weight, so he isn't huffy about me eating only parts of the suppers he cooks. I do, after all, eat what I've put on my plate. But since hubby prefers his fish and chicken fried, I won't have to worry about my food being 'et' and disappearing! Okay, going to get started doing something besides sitting here while Nannie watches me.
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    No Stars, so glad it's raining there! Hope Nannie still gets to bed at her usual hour. Perhaps because she was up so often last night, she slept in this morning? Ted, good your shift settled down after 2am. What a busy day AFTER work was done! Hope you had a good sleep and have a few good days off. Any new decisions about selling your house? Twaeety, enjoy your book. I can't read real heavy things anymore. Jane Austen is about as heavy as I can do. I have read The Next Tsunami, and Krakatoa, and books like that about natural disasters. They have lots of heavy science stuff intertwined with the story line. I figure I will pick up some of the heavy stuff by osmosis, somewhere. Nurse j22, sounds like a good time at the flight museum. Kids are so smart! While they may outgrow these current interests, hopefully they will continue to explore the world around them (safely, of course), and maintain curiosity. Thinking of Nell. Hugs. Busy day, Joe? How was the movie? We were up around 7 (after I couldn't get to sleep till after 2am!), to get ready and care for the animals and pack the instruments in the car. Picked up fiddler and headed up to a beautiful sunny day, around 72 degrees, at the apple ranch. It was buzzing with activity: people in line for tri-tip and chicken apple sausage sandwiches, and for slices of pie and caramel apples, and some were even wheeling out baskets filled with gallon jugs of cold apple cider. We set up in the shade and played for our three-hour time slot. Met lots of nice people. Then packed up and headed down the hill to have an early dinner at the steakhouse. Had nice visitng and gabbing. Now we are home and taking care of the animals and getting settled in for the evening. I am off tomorrow, a federal holiday. It will be nice to sleep in. We have no plans, other than household stuff. Have a good evening!
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    Ted-Thanks for letting us know about Nel. I just messaged her. I know her heart must be heavy today.
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    Thank you for sharing that, Ted! How devastating and sad for her! She is such a good Mom to her rescues. Hugs to Nell, and many condolences.
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    Never could figure out how Wiley could run off a cliff and then on air for 5 or 6 steps, and not fall .... until he noticed there was no ground under him! The ACME Company
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    A man goes to the doctor. The doctor tells him, "You need to stop masturbating." The man says, "Why?" The doctor says, "Because I'm TRYING to EXAMINE you!!!"
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    Yeh, you have a good point there
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    Sooooo, last night when I went to sit outside for a little while before heading up to bed, the wind was blowing in the tree tops. Acorns were falling...a lot of them. But then the noise was PELTING, and I figured out in short order it was HAIL!!! I stood in the doorway to keep my noggin safe. It continued for maybe 30-40 seconds, and began raining lightly...maybe a couple of minutes worth, and then it stopped. This morning when I got up there was a steady rain, hubby said it had 'rained all night'. The rain ended ---OMG, just like the weatherperson predicted (!!!!) AT NOON. It has been periodically cloudy and sunny, with quite reasonable temps, until the sun started to go down. I found the two house keys Nannie was adamant about having in her possession, though she is never here alone, nor does she leave the property alone. We put them on her bedside table with her eyeglasses when she went to bed last night and within 5 minutes she had hidden them. And then she came out of the bedroom and asked where they were. Totally huffy denial, of course, that SHE may have moved them herself. Anyway, today I found them in a small change purse underneath a folded towel on top of the dryer. Reminds me of a patient I had a few years ago, who hid her wallet; it was not found for SEVEN weeks! Her Case Manager said to me, when it is found take the credit card out and put it somewhere only you and I know where it is. Nannie is p.o'd at hubby, because when I was in the house feeding Ozzie, hubby went down to the shed to get some birdseed. Within 10 seconds Nannie took her walker and decided to walk the yard...yep, with wet grass, a gazillion fallen acorns, and her cruddy little ballet slippers on instead of shoes. Hubby took her to task because he didn't know if she'd come in the house or what. Well, she stewed a little on that, but when she said she heard somebody's voice in the back yard, hubby told her there was nobody back there. She came inside and asked me who it was walking the dog a few minutes ago, and barely believed me when I said that "T'was I". She went back out, without her walker, to go around to the side of the house where we sit and have coffee, and said to hubby, in a real hateful voice: "WELL? DID YOU FIND HIM?!!!???" Hubby said "Find who?" And for some reason that made her madder than a wet hen and she hasn't spoken to him until just now. He was walking upstairs, and as is her habit, she waited until he got to the top step to say something. She called him by her husband's name, "Where are you going? What are you going to do?" He told her he was going upstairs to the kitchen to make her supper. "Well don't give me a lot." A few weeks -- a month? --ago she started not eating as much as she used to; then she would cover her plate with her napkin, like we wouldn't notice all the leftovers? But she ALWAYS manages to eat her dessert! Hubby kept asking her if she didn't like what he'd made for her. (some cooks feel insulted if'n you don't eat up their fixin's). I suggested to hubby that he start using the 1/4 cup measure to put the helpings on her plate. So now at least she eats more of what's on her plate. She doesn't know it, but she does eat her leftovers...just in a different form, as the leftovers often go into making a pot of soup. And she proclaims every time that it is the BEST soup she's ever had! It is good, but I think it's kinda funny how we get her to eat what she would've tossed out. Yesterday afternoon I asked my dog if he'd like a Track-Sneet. I meant snack-treat. It became a redundant noun because hubby always called it 'treats' and I always called it 'snacks'. Even if I was Balking Tackwards, Ozzie completely understood what I said and agreed he would indeed like some. I take 'Canine-Carry-Outs' and pinch off smaller bites...From two of the whole pieces I can make 22 little bites. Ozzie often waits until I put them all down, and when I tell him, "That's it. Show's over!" THEN he will eat them. Every dog has their wierdnesses (as do their owners) In conclusion, I have to tell you that at 5 AM when I got up to pee, I had an oldie song in my head. I had to write the title down so it would go away. I hope this doesn't stick in y'all's heads, but the song was "Jeremiah Peabody's Polyunsaturated Quick-Dissolving Fast-Acting Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple Pills." (!)
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    ***VERY RUDE*** Do not read on if easily offended. You have been warned. Reminds me of the old joke from when I was a boy; Two nuns sitting in the bath, one turns to the and says, "Where's the soap?" The other replies, "Yes, doesn't it." Sorry moderators, feel free to remove if you think this is too risque. And yes I do realise I am going to go to hell.