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    Hi, keeping NSIME in my thoughts today. I am supposed to be watching an educational module on Continuous Quality Improvement, but, but yawn, there is not enough coffee to sustain me for the entire 60 minutes. Weather is warming up again, it was only in the 70s over the weekend. The evening air is already getting an autumn crispness to it. I am working a little early and a little late each day this week because tomorrow I am going to a Rolling Stones concert! I didn't go to rock concerts when I was younger, so I am fulfilling teen age dreams. As my eldest ds says, I don't get older, I get younger. College in my 30s, snowboarding in my 40s, tattoos in my 50s, Stones concert in my 60s. Dh is working late all week, which takes away incentive to cook. I have been making scrambled eggs with O'Brian potatoes and broccoli and spinach mixed in and topped with Parmesan cheese. Otherwise my go-to supper alone is popcorn, . Tweety, you are such a good friend. I would go nuts to be attached to something for 10 hours a day. Ted and Joe, I've been walking a lot, and putting more thought into my food. After this week, my activity restrictions should be done. I have lost 6 pounds since my pacer insertion! Good Tuesday to all!
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    It’s the enabling and validation of those cockamamie beliefs that present the problem and for which Trump is being held accountable. Ditto for any call for violence by any public person or organization, regardless of political persuasion. Words have meanings ... and great power. Social approbation and/or approval play a huge role in individual behaviors and choices. Ask any queer who has spent any time at all in the closet. Honest people can disagree on the relative importance of individual mental instability vs. publicly normalized brutality, but blaming it all on mental illness is just a cop-out.
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    Good morning Ted, Joe, Tweety, No Stars, and All nurses. This posted without me clicking "save". I have a lot to do today. Just errands and house cleaning. And phone calls regarding housing and legal help for people. One problem is some landlords actually not obeying the law.
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    Thanks for posting, herring.
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    I'm still mulling over the idea that flaring nostrils would be a dead give-away to other physical desires tumultuously raging within. I'm sorry about not picking up on the story again; I've plum lost track of the location and events.
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    As I turned I saw him,leaning by the poster wall,so handsome, smiling,with that twinkle in his eyes. I felt his gaze stroke my body,head to toe,lingering by my breasts,suddenly my uniform felt tighter, my breathing deepened ,remembering that long forgotten delicious feeling buried ,locked away .My eyes welled up with tears,my cheeks felt hot,my flared nostrils givng away what my body wanted.
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    At my cabin's cracked door, amidst the non-stopping howl of the sub freezing wind came a plaintive call "Missy". Little Imani, daughter to the camp laundress, could only wave to me to follow her. We stopped at James' shambled cabin, where she plaintively called "James Sir" breathlessly. Trying to out-shout the wind. At first, James could only stare at we two shivering figures in the darkness. With us scrambling inside, his Pookie merely raised his head off a floor blanket to acknowledge us. "Please, Sir, come", as she pulled at him and me. "Maman needs help". "Maman" hadn't made her pick-up for 2 days. Eight months pregnant, swollen and slow-moving, she continued to struggle with her camp 'job' to earn some income to supplement her spouse's wages for some fresh water fishing. He would accompany James on those prolonged boating excursions, weather permitting. But the weather was not in any kind permissive mood in recent days, so income was scarce. Research was on hold as air flight was down and land travel relegated to perilous sleigh. With his team down to only weary Pookie and the inexperienced novice dog, Apple, even our sleigh travel was seriously doubtful. But how to convey this to Imani who looked pleadingly to the few researchers lingering on as the saviors for her stricken mother. I was the clinician, James was my tech support. Hardly a 'crack' team of professionals for a population of indigenous Artic natives with health issues. Imani pulled at us again. I could only look at James as he steeled himself. Pulling on his heavy duty travel garments, he then harnessed the dogs to the sleigh. We packed what meager supplies we thought we might need. With Imani in tow, we set off into the darkness to her isolated village. Travelling in blizzard conditions, we reached their shelter. Barely a shelter. Secretly I feared an anticipated imminent childbirth. Local midwives and doulas were usually the norm to 'run the show'. But I was now on my own with only James for my support. Long buried nursing assessment skills in maternity flooded back easily. But I feared my worst concern was about to become a reality. This baby was to become a breech ...
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    Suddenly, James heard a whimpering outside the flap he had just barely managed to close. One of his dogs had survived! He fumbled with the flap, couldn't get it open fast enough! His heart was in his throat and tears began to fall as his beloved canine squeezed into the shelter. James laughed and hugged the trembling dog close, to warm up the both of them.