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    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Teens with fireworks and the midnight show at the park were finished by 12:30 am. Duke is now hard of hearing, but they really upset Pearl. Husband and I enjoyed some of the TV celebrations and music on TV. I already took banana bread to neighbors for "First Footin'". Husband is no longer dark haired, but... Across the street neighbors are very used to it since we've done it for 50 years. I will cook greens and black-eyed peas (with a dime in the pot) for good luck. My dad used to be the good looking dark haired Scotsman First Footin' on New Years day. It made his proud mother so happy. My husband and daughter dislike black-eyed peas so eat only one a year. My son likes them. Best wished to us all!
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    Good morning- Feeling kind of meh today. My energy is non-existent and my stomach is off a little. Several people in my office have been diagnosed with flu B and I'm hoping that this fatigue isn't the first symptoms for me. I'm just going to take it easy this weekend and keep my fingers crossed. Tweety-Butternut squash is one of my favorites. I grow it in my garden, but I've already eaten my entire harvest. I hope work goes well for you. J22-I hope you're feeling better today. That is horrible about the principal. That poor family and the entire community. Stars-I hope you get your phone calls made on Monday and can find some resources. I hope you can find a workable solution. Ted-have you tried your FitBit yet? Hi Dianah, Joe, and Herring! Hope you are well today.
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    Good morning! Merry Christmas to all the celebrate! Happy Hanukah to BC and others. I had a nice visit with my niece and her family. Apparently the tween and teen are on "no electronics" for fighting. The teen was drawing and the tween was whining "can we open some presents". The toddler was running around being a toddler boy. Family life. My poor sister's car broke down on the way and needed to be towed. Her engine fell started to fall out. She was tearful because she's broke, and they are a bit out in the county and she must have a car. But she cheered up, there's always Uber and she can get a rental at a discount. Finances will be figured out. My niece, even though we said no presents, must have missed that I just went to Elton John and gave me two tickets to his show in May. I'd love to go and take best friend who wasn't able to go the first time. I love him. I felt a little lame just bringing flowers. Working my typical "bad week" which is today/tomorrow and the weekend. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    I am feeling ever so much better today. I was still have intermittent tummy pain during the night, but finally deeply asleep around 4 and slept until 7. I went for a short walk/jog to start a different training regimen to work up to a 5 K, using the Garmin that eldest ds got me. This thing is smart than I am, but I got my blood moving and some badly needed fresh air. The park I went to has a large off-leash dog area so I enjoyed seeing the various breeds of doggos running, many of them working/hunting dogs. I today I am going to clean off the rest of the roof, as we seem to be having a break in the rain. I may start pruning the fruit trees. I admit that I am not a big fan of squash; it was one of those vegetables that I had to eat as a child and as I've related before, my mother overcooked everything to the point of watery mush. And my father wouldn't eat any kind of spice, so cinnamon or pepper was a big no-no. BCg, I hope you can avoid the flu. It is really ramping up in our area, mainly the B strain. I am so glad the grandkids got their shots. Ted, I enjoy looking at old photos and remembering past trips. Hawaii has been calling to me lately. Those must be lovely memories. Joe, enjoy your visit with Dad, and your warm weather. Herring, that is pretty funny about the snow celebration. I love the first snowfall of the season. It didn't come last year until February . Tweety, PB&J doesn't seem like too bad of a snack. I can think of lots of things that would be less healthy. I seem to have broken my bedtime snack habit. A big glass of water somehow has taken its place. Hoping everyone is safe and healthy.
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    Good Afternoon . . . It JUST turned 12:00 PM, Noontime! L O L! Tweety - Seems like you had a nice day off, yesterday. Hope work is kind to you today. I love butternut squash made into soup, especially when a little brown sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves are added. Yum! BCgradnurse - Gosh! Hope these first symptoms that you're having ain't the Flu-B. Rest well. . . and recover, my friend. Joe - Enjoy your time with your Dad and family. Been up much of the night working on a video of a vacation that Amy, my sister, my brother-in-law, and I took with my mother in Hawaii back in 2013. I archived the photos that I took of that vacation. I must of archived those photos to make room for another project. (I took lots of photos!) Well, they're un-archived, and re-established on one of my editing SSDs. It's been nice going down memory lane as I work on this video project. We all had a great time in Hawaii. It was my mother's wish to do this together. Thankfully, she was able to do this trip. She peacefully passed away a few months later from recurrent metastatic colon cancer. She was living with us at the time. Although it was a sad time, it was also a time filled with love and good humor, making the best of the days we had left together. (Mom LOVED her Martinis! L O L! ) Well. . . I'm working tonight. If being On Call is offered, I'll take it! Gonna do downstairs and eat lunch, then back to bed for Second Sleep before work. nursej22 - I see you "down there". Hope all is well with you. Hope all have a pleasant day! Ted
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    Happy Christmas Eve Tweety, Joe, nursej22, Dianah, sirI, Ted, and whoever comes by later! Happy Hanukkah BCgradnurse! No Stars: I am praying Nanny becomes calm and pleasant for the rest of the year. Dianah: I sometimes lie awake at night for hours and then feel like sleeping all morning. I blame working nights for 21 years. I will read the article you posted. This evening will be the annual Christmas concert live on PBS. Since 1997 a nurse I know will be singing with her woman's choir. She is a fine musician with a wonderful voice. SHE was nervous about the audition and I was right to believe she would make it. She is by the right shoulder (your left looking at the top photo), of artistic director of VOX Femina Los Angeles, Dr. Iris S. Levine. (Because the founder recruited the first members at various synagogues about half the singers are Jewish. At this concert they sing Christmas and Hannuka music. I have enjoyed many of their concerts over the years. https://www.voxfemina.org/
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    Morning Tweety, hope you got some sleep Was a busy day at work, made many calls, but for the first time I didn't get any questionnaires completed. Did 2 on Fri and have one scheduled for today so I should be fine. Starting to have difficulty finding new people to call, as are others, so I'm thinking things will change in the near future Reast of the day was fairly ordinary, exercised and ran some errands. Stopped at the bookstore to order a book Was a bit sleepy this morning, not sure why. Hopefully I'll feel better as the day goes on Weather will be in the 30s and 40s with some snow and rain later in the week
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!
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    Happy New Year-- The grandkids spent the night with us. Dh left after dinner to go work in his office and didn't come home until after midnight. Harrumph. so the little guys and I found American Ninja Warriors on TV and watched until midnight. I kept thinking they would fall asleep, but I thought wrong. We turned to a Seattle TV station just before midnight in time to hear them announce the fireworks show was cancelled due to high winds. So off to bed we went, with a few neighborhood explody things going off. I made pancakes for breakfast, and then we packed up towels and drove to the local Polar Bear Plunge. It wasn't as cold as it has been in the past. The sun was out and the temp was up to 50. Even though it was on the salt water, being on Puget Sound plus being near a shallow bay, the water is not nearly as cold as the Pacific Ocean. Youngest ds, the 2 little dudes and me plunged in at noon. Unfortunately, I tripped on a submerged rock, fell and scraped my knee. I didn't realize I was bleeding until we got back to the car. It took forever to stop bleeding (thank you Eliquis) , and I have a goose egg, but it's not too painful. Back home, we took warm showers, donned dry clothes and sipped cocoa. Son in law picked up the littles, dh is nursing a cold and sleeping in front of TV football, and I am reading a book. Not a bad way to start the year.

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