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It hurt me to write this topic. How can someone lie about being abused? I can not believe anyone will lie about being a victim of a hate crime and self-inflict himself. I hope he did not make this up. Unfortunately, all the evidence support him orchestrating this attack.  Resources that should have been used on real victims was used on him and this "crime". He is still claiming to be a victim. I actually respected him prior to this revelation I thought he was going to be the Harry Belafonte for his generation. Instead of using his platform to help us heal as a country he further divided this country. He blamed Trump and his supporters and accused them of doing something that they did not. He garner international sympathy, which was not deserved nor earned. As a nurse who actually worked with abuse victims in the LGBTQ+ community, it hurts anyone will be that callous and calculating. With the racial divide history of this country, he allowed someone to place a noose around his neck. I actually feel he need help if he capable of doing all this for attention and more money

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