January 17 2022 MLK Day

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Unfortunately I work today

Tweety hope the weather improves

Stars hope the ice melts soon

Hi NJ22

Was a quieter day yesterday since J and I didn't get together.  Did the cooking in the morning before church since the laundry was done yesterday

After church met with the minister to go over the assisting minister role.  Then after lunch met with the capital campaign committee to discuss next steps.  

Rest of the day was pretty quiet except for exercise

Sleeping fine just getting up early, need to work on that

Think it's going to be in the 30s today

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Good morning!

Joe, hope the day goes well.

Stars, one of the neighborhoods in SW Florida was "Tropicana" so maybe that's where you got the "T"??  One on my online friends lives in Black Mountain, NC and got some pretty snow, as did our old friend that used to post here years ago Jnette.

J22, sounds like a productive day with a nap.

I had a similar day in that I had a nap, but got some laundry done, went to the gym and grocery store.  

It's a bit chilly here and going to stay in the low 60's.  Not much in the way of sunshine right now.  Bleh......


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Good morning all!

Joe, hope work goes smoothly today.  Brrrrr, 30 degrees is cold (to me)!

Tweety, tonight is bowling, yes?  Have fun! 

nursej22, you must have needed that nap!  Sounds like you were productive before and after it!

We woke to RAIN!  It should rain most of the morning then be just cloudy the rest of the day.  We'll take it!  I'm sure it's snowing in the mountains, GOOD!  Could not get to sleep last night, till after 3.  Got up at 8.  May take a nap, we'll see.  I ordered some plant-based cheese product to try.  It arrived, and I don't care for it.  It's not bad, just not to my taste. 

We have nothing planned for today.  Will look for a pet shelter to donate money to, in honor of Betty White's birthday. 

Have a good day!

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We had very slightly 'warmer' weather~ mid-30's~ (HA!) because the sun came out a few times. Lots of slush out there on top of the ice. The snowplow came through and scraped the road once and no sand/salt truck followed. There was a little more melting and then the temp dropped; we are going down to the mid 20's tonight, so I guess the roads are going to be nasty in the morning. It is supposed to go up to 40 degrees tomorrow after 10 AM. Tomorrow or Wednesday we will have to re-stock, as they are predicting another storm to come through this next weekend. Oh joie and w00t!

Tweety, I used to drive from Asheville to Black Mountain ~in the snow~ when I worked there at a retirement community where I did many PDN cases. Worse was when I worked North of Asheville, with patients who lived in condos high up on STEEP hills. Used to pray a LOT on those commutes! If I hadn't had the experience of living and driving in snowstorms when I was growing up in Massachusetts, I would've been much more of a chicken-sh*t about HAVING to drive in winter. I still don't LIKE it, but I can do it. It, naturally, is scarier because of other drivers who seem to think it is okay to go 35 mph in a curve/on a hill, or even on a straightaway, without thoughts of the possibility of encountering surfaces conducive to slipping or sliding....whoooopsie!

I should do laundry tomorrow; should've done it today. Ditto for a shower and washing my hair. But, I'll bet you $2 I end up going to Walmart tomorrow, instead. 

It's a trifle early to go to bed, but I am going to fill my hot-water bottle, go up and read, and thaw my poor frozen toes.


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