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Is coffee creamer fattening?

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Absolutely not.

Maybe fluid retention? Can you still have fluid retention even with regular voiding? Maybe hormone fluctuations?

Either one of you have tips on getting fat off of the hips and toning the buttocks and thighs? I know, being a woman, it's normal to carry fat there, but I would rather be toned than have fat there.

You can retain more fluid if you arent drinking enough water. I know when I make sure im drinking enough, I pee way more because my body is not clinging on to what water I do have. Try drinking more straight water for a few days and see what happens. Empty calories in sweet tea can add a lot of calories and it seems like you use a fair bit of creamer, Why not try 2% milk or even whole milk, still less calories overall.

You get fat off the hips and thighs with general weightloss.

If I were you I would start calorie counting for a week or 2 to see what you are actually taking in. You might be surprised. I use the Livestrong app on my iphone, very convienent. Im trying to lose weight myself, just about 25, already lost about 8, I know what a pain it is. Im also eating low carb, that in itself will make you loose water weight that makes you feel bloated. (its only as permanent as long as your doing low carb)

And of course your cycle will make your retain

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first of all its synthetic all chemicals and have you read the ingrediants and what they do to your body

yes creamer is fattning

and did you know how bad any artificial sweetner is

use something like fresh honey or stevia ( I grow my own stevia ) you dont know what they put in that powder that they sell as stevia at the stores

best to not use ANY sweetner

rather than artificial sweetner its healther to use REAL sugar !!

best no sweetner

Aspartame Dangers Revealed!

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depends on how much you take. Also if it organic your body can process it quicker. It is like the argument between margerine and butter/lard. Margarine is marketed and known to have less calories, but I know a few bowl cancer specialist who would say butter/lard is better for you because it is nutural

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