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Is anyone a medical foster mom?

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I am 20 years old (about to be 21) I am an LPN and I start my RN in 2 months (its a 15 month program at my school). My husband is 21 and he is also an LPN continuing on with me. We have a 3 bedroom home in Florida and we have no kids. After our RN we are going to be bridging RN to MSN which is completely online at the schools we have been looking into. We met in high school and we got married at 18 at the courthouse and again 6 months later we had our "big wedding". We are always told we are very mature for our age. We both love children and would love to have a child of our own but it isn't in our cards currently. So the question is:

Is anyone out there a young nurse who can give me some insight on being a medical foster mom or even just a foster mom? How did you do it with a job? Can I even be a good foster mom if I have no children?

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