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If you had a blank check to buy any vehicle, what would you get?

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2017 Chevy Silverado 3500HD, 4x4, Z71, crew cab, 8 foot -long bed, 6.6 L5P Duramax engine. Single rear wheel

Black exterior on black interior. Leather interior on a bench seat

Not a inch of chrome. All things painted to match

6 inch lift bare minimum, on Toyo M/T mud tires, or Cooper Discoverer STT Pro's

All steel front and back bumpers, with a push bar, winch, KC lights, and storage for tow straps, etc

36 inch lightbar on top

Two gunracks on the back, minimum. One for a shotgun, one for a rifle

as many subwoofers I can reasonably fit under the seats

Icom IC-7000 amateur radio built into under the steering wheel

Ram Mount with a laptop, hooked up to a software defined radio that picks up CB and law enforcement

Engine: Straight pipe all around, 5 inch Flo Pro exhaust, EFI Live tuning kit, DEF/DPF/EGR deletes

Oh yeah, and definitely tuned to roll some coal!!!!! Lope tune is not negotiable, it must have it

150 gallon transfer tank with it's own electric fuel pump, unless...

If it still counts, I want a camper on the back

2017 Hallmark Ute pop up truck camper

Interior/mechanical mods:

Fishing pole rack on the ceiling

Larger fresh water tank

Propane generator, if possible

Extra insulation

Rooftop low profile A/C unit

exterior/interior shower

Interior toilet

on board water filtration system

Solar panels on roof, inverter inside

Dual handgun racks by the bed for a .44mag and a 9MM

Oh, and if I gotta spend that much, damn salesman better stock that fridge with some ice cold Busch beer and Copenhagen Southern Blend.

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Definitely a modest daily driver.

Should be functionable not only for off road use, but also for not being injured over a deer or a small car.

And if my current Titan on 35's make people back off, that truck should definitely intimidate any sane driver in anything smaller than a SUV


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