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How to Avoid paying taxes on more than $12 billion dollars

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The report details what Credit Suisse allegedly did to help Americans evade taxes, and it also criticized the U.S. Justice Department for its role in prosecuting all this.

"Some estimates show the U.S. government misses out on as much as $100 billion a year in tax revenue because of evasion. But the IRS is collecting some of that money as part of an amnesty deal that expires today. It applies to those who have undeclared foreign accounts of at least $10,000."


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Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean

CEOs with the dubious lobby group "Fix the Debt" are pushing for cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and the social safety net, painting themselves as the good guys in the budget debate.

But as they ask for everyday Americans to accept cuts, these CEOs are brazenly seeking to widen tax haven loopholes that would benefit their corporations such as a "territorial" tax system -- and earn them billions.

A new report by the Institute for Policy Studies shows that Fix the Debt member corporations stand to gain as much as $173 billion in windfalls if Congress adopts their proposal for a territorial tax system....

New Report: Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean - IPS

The full report is attached. There is also a link in the article

Corporate Pirates - IPS Report - 06-12-2013.pdf

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13 Mindblowing Facts About America’s Tax-Dodging Corporations

"Abusive offshore tax havens cost the US $150 billion in lost tax revenue every year (via FACT Coalition). That’s $1.5 trillion over the next ten years."

"US Corporations pay less tax as a percentage of the GDP than corporations in Canada. Or Japan … … or South Korea. Or Norway. Or Luxembourg, New Zealand, Israel, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, and Italy."

(Source: OECD StatsExtract interactive database.)

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