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How about a Game of Questions?

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One of the two movies I have ever walked out on:



(I walked out because while everyone else was jumpy and being scared, I said to my then boyfriend, "This is the STUPIDEST movie I've ever seen. I'll meet you out in the lobby when the movie is over.")

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"I've been whipped by the wind,

driven by the sea,

had my head stove-in,

but I'm still on my feet,

And I'm willin', yes,

I'm willin'"

(From the Marblehead Messenger album.....circa 1970")Will THAT do?

And, tmb, with regards to your question, option-wise:


depends on

which side

you're inside

or out of."

I wish I could remember who wrote that poem! Might you know who it is?

Do you get what I'm a-sayin', Vern?


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