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President Trump knew the truth and lied to Americans about the severity of COVID-19.  How could he risk the very lives of his supporters with rallies where people were encouraged not to social distance and not wear a mask?

Trump admitted to Woodward he downplayed coronavirus threat in early days of outbreak

President Trump admitted to journalist Bob Woodward in March that he publicly downplayed the dangers of the coronavirus as it silently spread around the world, hoping to avoid a panic even as he recognized how "deadly" the virus could be.

Woodward interviewed the president for a total of nine hours for his new book, "Rage," and audio clips of the recorded interviews were published by CNN and The Washington Post on Wednesday.

In an interview with Woodward on February 7, Mr. Trump said he had recently spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping about the virus, calling it a "tricky situation." The president said the coronavirus was "more deadly" than "even your strenuous flus," and difficult to address because "it goes through air."...




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I was with a patient and saw Fox News defend him.  They said Democrats called his early action "racist" when he banned flights from China and downplayed it themselves.  They said had he sounded the alarm loudly the mainstream media (of which apparently they are not a part of) would have been against him and hysterical causing widespread panic.  

Bottom line is Trump supporters are undeterred in their support of him no matter what he does or says. 

CNN covered the story endlessly today.  

Fox's main headline over at their website is about Biden and whether or not he used a teleprompter to answer questions.

The President is denying he mislead the public. Again he can just make  up his truth in spite of recordings. and evidence to the contrary and people believe him.


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Honesty clearly doesn't matter to his supporters. They only care if Democrats lie. 

It's a staggering hypocrisy. 

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