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Holiday plans?

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Okay, ugh.

So, with Nanny dying, one less wheelchair.

I figured we (my family and SIL's family) would bring food to my in laws and make my MIL comfortable, with my mom along for the ride.

My SIL told me they are NOT doing it, and they are staying home.

So annoyed. I found this out yesterday.

So, now I have to run out and get a turkey, blah blah blah.

Like I've said, I cook bettern her anyway, so it's fine.

My kids won't see their cousins, though. :sorry:

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I'm doing a twelve hour shift on Thanksgiving, but hey, we're having a potluck at work. I'm stoked. Mr St Neotser to be is also working Thanksgiving. Daughter is going to her American grandma for Thanksgiving which is nice. I always liked my ex mother in law, she's a good person. Christmas I definitely have off, and he thinks he is off but may have to do a six hour shift. Daughter will be off Christmas.

So, Christmas it is. Gifts. Tree. Fambly. Food. Skyping fambly overseas.

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