dental insurance help needed ASAP

  1. I lost my dental plan I had at work . My jaw is messed up form an infection I had and I went to the denest today at a cost of $79.00 and I was told I need to have a $500.00 gard made and have to go back next week for some other stuff .I am trying to find some dental insurance that will reimburses me for some of this but know nothing about these plans I am looking at online does anyone here buy there own dental insurance and know of a good plan ?
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  3. by   Jolie
    When we lost dental insurance, we found that individual plans did not pay enough to make the premiums worthwhile. We have a good relationship with our dentist and worked out a discount for paying at the time of service for cleanings, plus a discount on repair work, if needed. He was willing to make this "deal" since he is paid up front and doesn't have to accept insurance reimbursement, or wait for his money.

    This arrangement costs us approximately the same amount per year as we were paying for premiums, so we break even.